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Outdoor LED advertising machine, intelligent LED advertising machine, naked eye 3D advertising machi English

Outdoor LED advertising machine, intelligent LED advertising machine, naked eye 3D advertising machine

by:PTKSAI     2020-01-03
Advertising Machine or LED advertising machine has only appeared in China for more than ten years, while intelligent LED advertising machine is a newer term, it means that the LED advertising machine can not only be used to play audio, video, text, pictures and other multimedia, but also through touch, remote control, even gestures command and control them or let them respond accordingly. Today, I will give a brief introduction to the application of intelligent advertising machines on several specific products developed and produced by Tailong Zhixian. 1. The human microwave intelligent advertising machine designed by Doppler principle and advanced microarray and microprocessor technology can accurately detect moving objects. When the target enters the sensing range, the switch automatically judges whether it meets the set value of technical parameters, and then automatically turns on the load. As long as the target does not leave the sensing range, the switch is continuously turned on. When the target object leaves, the switch automatically turns off the load after a period of delay. The human microwave intelligent induction advertising machine can adjust the microwave induction parameters according to the specific environment, and the induction distance can be adjusted: 2m ~ 15 m, adjustable induction environment: 3LUX ~ 2000LUX, induction delay time adjustable: 0. 5S ~ 100 s. The detection distance can reach 15 M ~ 20 m. The delay is 8 seconds ~ 12 seconds or 80 seconds ~ 100 seconds. Outdoor LED advertising machine outdoor LED advertising Machine 2, alarm advertising machine one-button alarm advertising machine can be networked with the 110 command center of the public security department, using 180Or 360 ° High resolution camera, 24-hour real-time monitoring; When an alarm occurs, there is no need to dial the alarm phone, just touch the 110 alarm button, you can lock the alarm location, time period and the scene of the crime, and you can directly talk to the 110 command center with intelligent voice, after receiving the police, the 110 command center promptly dispatched additional police officers to deal with sudden on-site cases. In addition to the 110 criminal alarm, the alarm advertisement machine also has an interface with 119 fire alarm and 120 first aid. Outdoor LED advertising machine 3, naked eye 3D advertising machine naked eye 3D advertising machine is a perfect combination of LED advertising machine, 3D technology, 3D glass, industrial PC motherboard and advertising machine shell, * finally through the realization of 3D effect. Users can directly use the naked eye to watch the effect that can be seen in the cinema with 3D eyes. The machine can also carry and realize car charging function, TV function, computer function, intercom function, video game function, monitoring function, picture-in-picture function, etc. Naked eye 3D advertising machine 4, WeChat advertising machine, in fact, WeChat printing advertising machine, its selling point is to attract consumers to scan the corporate QR code for attention, you can print one or more photos for free. The information release function is the basic skill of WeChat printing advertising machine. In addition, it can also set up an APP mobile mall, so that customers or consumers can scan the APP implanted into the all-in-one machine, the mobile Mall of the Enterprise easily stays in the customer's mobile phone, which shortens the distance between the customer and the merchant, increases the stickiness of the customer and the merchant, the stability and increase of business can be easily guaranteed. Outdoor LED advertising machine outdoor LED advertising machine 5, 3D fitting mirror 3D fitting mirror or 3D fitting room is a new fitting technology that has emerged in recent years. Through touch display screen or air somatosensory control, clothes or costumes can be worn on models or their own bodies, thus saving customers a lot of time and having a shopping experience of quick fitting. The 3D fitting mirror or 3D fitting room is also a professional clothing online sales platform. Through the dynamic 3D fitting function, it creates a platform integrating shopping, entertainment and experience. Naked eye 3D advertising machine
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