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Pay for 4. 0 era, new ecological building multi-win-win situation of payment!

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-14
In recent years, China has changed payment industry. With brush face to pay the arrival of the first year of 2019, the payment industry, digital pay 4. The era of formal shoulders. Second brush technology for industry pioneer, has been focused on mobile payment solutions for partners to provide professional, committed to build win-win new ecological payment! Pay 4 focus. The era of change in a matter of more than ten years, our country has pay from 1. The era of & ndash; — Cash payment, 2. The era of & ndash; — A credit card, 3 times. The era of & ndash; — Code time constant transition, now begin to enter 4. The era of & ndash; — Brush a face. In daily life, it is not difficult to see all kinds of business super, restaurants, convenience store checkout that have sprung up on the stage of running technology feels dye-in-the-wood brush face equipment. Brush face pay pay, good experience with latest style, has been more and more friends. In most of the people is just as consumers to enjoy the new payment experience, many entrepreneurs have found opportunities and involved. Will pay promotion as business entrance, which after also have antecedents. Such as when the pos tuyere are a lot of people waiting for, some people see the chance to strike first to spread a lot of businesses, through their own efforts finally most people realize FenRun, get rich. To 3. 0 sweep yards pay too. 4. 0 brush face pay, is doomed to be an unprecedented payment technology innovation, it will break the barrier of the mobile phone, complete liberation hands. At the same time, it is & other; Merchants throughout & digital management platform; , a period of time in the future also will continue to promote merchants digital transformation. This time, to pay market reshuffle, will also be the last time people into paying market opportunities. Unlike traditional industries, brush face pay FenRun have a large proportion of income from water, with the industry in a word, is that: & other; Trading, FenRun more than! ” Isn't that most people dream career goals? Focus for the new technology second brush brush face technology focus on financial technology and innovation for many years, its research and development team has over 3 years of the Internet financial payment of experience, and have a complete set of mature Internet payment, bank card POS and industrial aggregation payment systems research and development and operation scheme, is can pay in, music brush, rimmon, send CARDS, such as the guide, pay treasure and many licensed payment companies strategic partner. To pay for 4. On the arrival of the era we are lucky enough to be in them. As alipay and WeChat official isv service, second brush has been committed to provide professional brush for the partner face payment technology services and solutions, for all enterprises and institutions, merchants from all walks of life to invoicing system. To authors synergies, to provide professional, stable and efficient intelligent payment service as the goal, from the source to the customer to solve business problems. Build win-win pay new ecology from the Angle of consumers: brush face hardware devices, such as paying no longer dependent on mobile phone also help customers to save the password, lost password problems, realize the person and the wallet & other; Unity throughout the &; , brought more efficient and convenient for users to pay a new experience. From a business perspective: it depends on the artificial intelligence in & other; Face recognition & throughout; Technology, can to people into the store to include traffic, gender, age, facial expressions, preferences and so on characteristics, accurate analysis, let the user the picture more clearly, to optimize the distribution of goods to improve conversion rate. In addition, & other; Face recognition & throughout; User preferences can feedback online, will be the data through the online feedback to manufacturers and help manufacturers more comprehensive understanding of consumer demand, and precisely the research and development products, designing marketing strategies. These will be implemented new retail & other; Through online & throughout; The inherent demand of a good way. From the Angle of the agent, the agent can not only be paid the rental brush face equipment of smoke, also can earn including value-added advertising revenue, such as merchants water FenRun considerable income. As long as the brush face equipment has been used, I have been able to earn FenRun. Now, this is absolutely a good project worth long-term development. In addition, pay treasure and WeChat these two sponsors in the brush face pay also plays a role in the process, the subsidy policy for both the agents, businesses, and consumers have jointly promote role, also explore the merchants for the agent to provide more convenient.
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