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Pay treasure dragonfly brush face a cash register 丨 member of 'light' hold customer's heart!

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-13
Recently, brush face payment began to flood the market unceasingly, will meet the customer has such a demand: they are a business unit within the store, in consumer shopping use card to pay for the employees, no one would like to introduce self-help cashier and settlement systems and self-service checkout terminals, can pay a face brush, sweep commodity code as well as in unmanned self-help cajas commodity information clearly displayed on the screen, and can tip the balance. Self-help cashier for supermarkets and convenience stores, can accelerate the settlement efficiency of cashier, reduce the cost of human activity. Fresh supermarket since early December in using self-service supermarket cashier terminals. During the Spring Festival, six cajas buffet with an average of 2000 people to use, and settlement of a total of 200000 yuan, can save 3 cashier work overtime cost during the Spring Festival. Use these self-help supermarket cashier terminals, requires a certain purchase and installation costs. For a small convenience store, the price is too high vertical self-help cajas can't afford to shop is too small also not put such a large self-service checkout equipment. But if you use pay treasure dragonfly brush face a cash register, by developing a small program, can brush a face on the cash register, the size of a 10 inch self-service checkout function. Alipay dragonfly brush face a cash register support plug and play, flexible installation, let small convenience stores can be introduced to brush face payment and self-service checkout function. Convenience stores have alipay dragonfly brush face pay cash register, can brush face payment and self-service checkout, promote efficiency of shopping and consumer experience, can now also through & other; Light throughout member &; Value-added services such as. In & other; Double 11 & throughout; Period, through the brush face pay cash register through the member system, has 80 million stores electronic coupons and brush face pay discount to consumers, encouraging them to offline store consumption, so as to boost sales, increase customer and store merchant's viscosity. Customers through alipay dragonfly brush face a cash register opened & other; Light throughout member &; Membership services, a key, don't have to fill in the information and pay the membership fee in advance, can enjoy member discount and then according to the actual situation in charge. And stores offer member can push to the customer. Alipay dragonfly brush face pay cash register through through the store and pay treasure to a member of the system platform, can also automatically integral calculation, is very convenient. Alipay dragonfly face brush brush to achieve face to pay the cash register, self-help cashier, membership card, a variety of functions such as integral calculation, need strong performance fast chips, to ensure that each function to run smoothly. Current brush face a cash register alipay dragonfly F1 RK3399 chip is used the rabbit rabbit run points is more than 10 per, and the more low price on the market of the dragonfly brush face a cash register, the use of the work force lower chip. Run only points to more than 8 per brush face a cash register can run multiple applications at the same time, has the scalability, realize the wisdom of more diversified business scenario.
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