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Pay treasure to pay 'cloud' blockbuster hit! Access a dragonfly brush face a cash register can support a yard pay extra

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-14
2019 brush brush into the commercial face pay first, face pay more and more widely used in as far as the eye can see people of various life scenes, such as catering, retail, health care and life. The supermarket, restaurant, shopping plaza and other places of consumption of the application of brush face pay self-help cashier and its effective in relieving rush-hour check-out line phenomenon, improving customer shopping experience favored by more and more merchants. Alipay is a leading domestic third-party payment institutions, following the alipay & other; Dragonfly & throughout; After the blockbuster introduced alipay & other; Cloud payment & throughout; 。 Alipay dragonfly brush face a cash register can pay by sweeping code? Pay treasure dragonfly brush face a cash register can use WeChat pay or other platforms and code? Install the third party on the market in the alipay dragonflies do polymerization pay plug-in security? Problems such as use pay treasure to the merchants of dragonflies user is ever the most common problems, in order to meet the needs of business users to aggregate payment, pay treasure to December 5 launched & other; Cloud payment & throughout; Function, it is a free development, low cost, reliable mobile single SaaS services, can support multiple payment channels ( Pay treasure, WeChat) And pay more scenarios ( A yard pay, dragonflies brush face pay equipment) , services business management, and various value-added services. Cloud payment functions, introduced alipay dragonflies, by pay treasure to independent development, to ensure the safety of payment, to reduce third party development and connection channel costs, can achieve a yard pay more, business management, query, such as digital water function, greatly expand the alipay dragonfly range of value-added services, let the merchants cashier management is more flexible and convenient.
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