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Pay treasure to pay 'cloud' free development, increases with the increasing tied to use, convenient management

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-14
Following the unionpay and sweep WeChat launch code, pay treasure have also launched & other; Cloud payment & throughout; Service, this is the small program development, light member function after the launch of another new action. Why, then, pay treasure to launch cloud pay workers function, it can solve the pain points? Yard pay: offline retail scene by laying fixed material, qr code can support consumers sweep code can be done after payment and a fixed qr code can support a variety of third-party payment channel ( Pay treasure, WeChat) 。 Yard pay barcodes and paid by the service provider through the cloud platform for merchants to provide or merchants themselves from alipay cloud pay merchant assistant in the small program to download, free development, increases with the increasing to use. Business management: are to be paid via cloud services for merchants to sign, business information management, business rights management, store management, pay channel management. Equipment management: service providers can offer a variety of IOT for merchants of different industries equipment hardware and software integration solutions, such as alipay dragonfly cloud payments, voice box cloud cloud, handheld POS payment transaction management such as: cloud support multiple scene, pay channel payment, refund, check list, check transaction services. Digital business: cloud payment basis to ability to pay for the support of software and hardware, and at the same time provide a powerful digital management ability: operates statement analysis, payment results page, card coupons marketing, etc. Service management: service providers can manage many children account, meet the demands of different businesses expand convenience.
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