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Pay treasure, WeChat payment terminal dedicated embedded qr code scanning module, leading the new era of mobile payment

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-13
In many payment terminals that we all can see such a scene: bring up the mobile phone pay treasure or WeChat payment code on terminal equipment & other Qr code scanning mouth & throughout; Place a brush, speed to complete the payment even without wallet, save time and effort! On WeChat public, pay treasure to small programs, or other channels to get coupons will generate the qr code, mobile phone after the specified machines & other; Sweep the code window & throughout; When it get preferential buy a goods; In a city bus only mobile phones qr code on the bus read qr code equipment can enjoy convenient payment code window. . . In the era of mobile payment, a lot of payment terminals that are difficult to leave the intellisense recognition embedded qr code scanning module, the automatic identification of qr code, data acquisition and transmission performance, and seamless docking O2O business operations, card coupons cancel after verification, and other functions, let us feel the barcode identify payment technology bring convenient life. With the popularity of alipay, WeChat payment application, both consumers and businesses are tasted the sweets, after shedding these scenarios is not difficult to imagine and we can also often contact. So now many payment terminal integrators will make a small change: add a qr code scanning to original equipment module and code can be realized payment function, namely using qr code decoding way to implement, safe and convenient. As an automatic identification technology as the core of Internet of high-tech enterprise & ndash; Shenzhen xing tong content associated technology subsoil in the field of bar code to read many years of industry experience and word of mouth, introduced various forms of qr code read module used in no cash payments, intelligent transportation, new innovative products in the field of retail and so on, with mobile payment cashier software, helping with online marketers integrate alipay WeChat scan code to pay, to complete O2O marketing closed-loop digital operations. In such applications scheme payment terminal XT205XM sweep the embedded code in the module, more than 90% of diners will feel XT205XM code convenience brought by the order link, its high speed read qr code performance vital safeguard the promptness of meal payment and liquidity, and a lot of research and development of intelligent terminal business on it to read the code performance showed a keen interest in this smart scan code equipment to fully mix the barcode scanning and data transmission performance, the fusion qr code automatic identification technology, to provide consumers with & other; Sweep yards pay & throughout; &ldquo仍然; Card voucher verification & throughout; , and many other functions. In addition, the pay of get through, not only help businesses improve the O2O closed loop, also implements the intensification of data operation and management. Merchants may at any time through the large data analysis, the elaborating management, analysis was carried out on the guest list user consumption behavior, and constantly optimize the marketing means, do depth bound to the user. In general, as people living in the construction of the digital more and more convenient, xing tong union nor continuous development in the field of bar code read engine, in the barcode scanning and qr code decoding chip has completely independent core technology, but also introduced a variety of series of qr code scanning module for the society provides a safer, more efficient, more convenient and yards of experience, has a good embedded resistance, high performance, high reliability, low power consumption of the product performance and application development trend, and can be easily read all kinds of mobile phone screen, such as plastic card display of barcode/qr code information on the media and print media, especially in the current mainstream of code to read the phone's screen did special technology in the light of a processing check, even the mobile phone in the dark screen, paste color film, strong or weak light environment can still keep good reading code performance, the core function modular design, built-in installation is very easy to use, can provide users with a completely independent OEM qr code scanning application solutions, can be easily embedded in a kiosk, entrance guard brake machine, intelligent ark, self-help payment terminals, handheld devices, such as various kinds of product application, system integrators provide strong powerful sweep code support, thus innovation achievements of intelligent permeates every aspect of our lives, to better promote & other; Throughout the city & wisdom; The development of.
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