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Pay 'unionpay' brush face layout is accelerated, the first into the campus to pilot

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-12
Recently, the unionpay & other; Brush face pay & throughout; For the first time to enter the campus, in weifang in shandong province college, weifang institute of nursing profession to carry out the pilot. At present, the two universities have opened 30 pilot window have been put into use, can be used by cloud of teachers and students in the flash pay APP & other; Brush face pay & throughout; Function for payment. According to introducing, unionpay & other; Brush face pay & throughout; In the mobile phone banking or cloud users only need to pay the APP registration opened and bind the unionpay card, on campus, business super, food and beverage, pharmacy, hotel, self-help vending machine such as scene specially engaged settlement, no physical media such as mobile phone, bank CARDS, according to the prompt to complete & other; Brush the face & throughout; After the operation, enter the password and confirm and payment can be successful. On October 20, 2019, unionpay and commercial Banks on the 6th world conference on Internet pay released a new intelligent products & other; Brush face pay & throughout; , brush face pay market formally. User information protection, unionpay & other; Brush face pay & throughout; Especially with the method of brush face pay + password more add a password authentication security. The campus scene is China unionpay on mobile payment for the convenience of engineering one of the top ten scenes. At present, unionpay digital campus & amp; Enterprise solutions have services to more than 1700 building campus, nearly 3000 enterprises and the dining room, more than 4 m merchants.
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