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All in one POS Terminal

PTKSAL all-in-one POS Terminal integrates human-computer interaction, software operation, data interaction, software operation, data interaction, receipt printing, HD display, and other functions together. It can connect more POS peripherals through various I/O port and provides one-stop solutions for various retail stores, enterprises and so on.

 This kind of product combines practicability and aesthetics together. It is equipped with a LED display integrated with a multi-touch projective capacitive screen. These parts can clearly show the contents on the screen and present a perfect visual experience for customers at every angle. The built-in thermal printer is easy to operate, replace the paper, and maintain, and also saves the space. In addition, the service life of the printer head is 100km. With a fanless system, the product makes low noise during the operation. As a product that is commonly used in the public, it is required to have the performance of water and dust proof, also good heat dissipation, and high-temperature resistance. It is highly favored for its fast data transmission and responding time of less than 6ms.

In PTKSAL, size options are applicable to customers' needs and we provide black and white colors, or custom colors are also available.

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