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Physical store POS cashier will sit in the face of online stores

by:PTKSAI     2019-12-30
Taobao's Double Eleven has made online e-commerce a lot of money, while the physical store is unusually deserted. ptksai has collected the business data of many merchants, and the offline fiasco is in sharp contrast. In fact, the core of the Double Eleven is the discount promotion, which is different from the Black Friday in the United States. The difference is that Black Friday is a carnival of physical stores. Physical stores have been hit by e-commerce obviously. Black Friday is an opportunity to pull back a game without a chance. Black Friday is the Friday after Thanksgiving. American consumers who have just finished the festival have great enthusiasm for shopping, and discount promotions make them crazy. In our country, in addition to the Double Eleven, it is obvious that this kind of festival culture can no longer be found. But now, Thanksgiving Day has gradually realized the localization of China, and Thanksgiving feedback has become a common gimmick. If Black Friday can be introduced into China, it will be a powerful counterattack for physical stores. As a result, many offline stores have launched Black Friday promotions this year. The POS cash register system in the store has already entered discounted goods and prepared statistics in advance. Many physical stores have said that they just want to take action, and the introduction of foreign festivals is also a means to attract consumers. Merchants still have reservations about whether this activity can bring about a substantial increase in revenue. After that, the statistics of POS cash registers are the key point, and grasping users' consumption demand is the way to develop in the long run. With the development of intelligent POS cash register, various new applications are attracting our attention. Recently, there have been news of unmanned supermarkets, testing everyone's trust. Today, the POS cashier said that the manufacturer's Xiaobian will discuss this issue with you. Last month, I chatted with my friends. She said that every time I went to the supermarket to buy things, someone would sell you products. Sometimes I was really uncomfortable. I hope that the supermarkets in the future will become unmanned supermarkets, similar to custom workshops, try the products, use WeChat or Alipay to pay, or self-service smart hardware to pay POS cash registers, and when you go home, products also home. There are no salesmen all over the world, only couriers all over the street. In fact, as far as I am concerned, I don't like to buy things when someone recommends products to me. I just want to choose what I like quietly! Coincidentally, when Xiao Bian strolled outside yesterday, he found a 24-hour self-service convenience store in the street. I was attracted by the decoration style, simple and comfortable, then I found out that it was a self-service convenience store. The model is actually very simple. You can pick up the goods by purchasing the goods at the terminal and paying on the self-service intelligent hardware. I immediately called my friend and said that there is a self-service convenience store in Foshan. Is there a Shenzhen? Then, she said she didn't find it! Occupational disease she (She is doing POS cash register)Ask me which cash register terminal I am using. . . Whether it is feasible to put aside this mode first, the self-service convenience store environment is very good, with air conditioning, wifi, quiet, and it is quite pleasant to watch people coming and going on the street quietly when eating, anyway, I am quite willing to try! The primary purpose of the merchant is to convey this signal to the consumer. The discounts of the physical stores are not lost to the online activities, so as to reduce the impact of the online shopping carnival on the physical stores.
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