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Popular fast days store cashier system, boost hainan's optimal velocity to grab the new market!

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-05
Only last a few days in 2019, 2020 is coming, at the beginning of the end, whether individual or enterprise, all want to grasp at the end of the last few days, and then make a New Year plan. For hainan's optimal velocity supply chain technology, its chain of CBS convenience store plan will be implemented in 2020 in haikou major community 8 stores opened, and at the convenience store cashier system and the choice of a cash register, is to use the most efficient and powerful. CBS chain convenience stores is a subsidiary of hainan's optimal velocity supply chain technology co. , LTD. , is currently in haikou major community 8 stores to open, the existing 5 - 6 stores are decorated, their purpose is, unified decoration, unified device, unified service, for the convenience of consumers to provide a warm home in hainan. Shop owners actually all know, the choice of the cashier system relates to whether the store the premise of the stability, after all, once there is a problem, low efficiency of cashier, workload increase, the influence is not good. CBS convenience store operators in choosing a cashier software, main consideration is to want to do the chain, so their information system, and it took a long time to cashier equipment has carried on the comparison of several, finally decided to adopt, fast days inn star yao edition stores solution, the reasons are the following: 1, fast old brand, rest assured, headquarters can manage all stores 2, suppliers to long-term industry accumulation, help us planning system scheme 3, the cloud data, save the cost of my own server and maintenance 4, double screen can play store image advertising posters and activity, multi-usage, saved the cost for the store 5, cashier operation is convenient and simple, services can be immediately with should & other; From the current system, online, fast days store cashier system function basically can meet the demand of the management of the store, became more and more stores opening operation of choice for the best, believe in the near future, think fast days store cashier system will be favored by more stores.
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