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POS Machines and keeping them safe

POS Machines and keeping them safe


POS Machine is something that everyone has seen and knows for what purpose it is used. But not everyone has knowledge about how it works or how a malware or hackers can affect a POS Machine.

Point of Sale (POS) machines are used to process card payments at retail locations. These machines are very important from the retail payment point of view because without them it would have been very hard and slow of process the payments in retail places.

Generally, a POS machine process the payment through credit and debit cards in four steps:

Reading the information from the credit/debit card.

Checking whether he funds in the customer’s account are sufficient for the payment or not.

If sufficient funds re there then transferring the amount requested from customers account to the seller’s account.

Lastly recording he transaction details and then printing out a received with all those details.


What Reports says on


POS Malware and Hacking

In 2011 hackers were able to steal credit card data from 80,000 customers because of the POS configuration of Subway were disregarded by the Subway franchisees.

In June 2016, hundreds of Wendy's fast food restaurants had their POS system hacked by an illegally installed malware. Hackers made thousands of fraudulent purchases through the data they stole from various debit and credit cards.

These exploits by-hackers could-only be-made-possible because payment cards were processed through the POS system allowing the malware either to intercept the card data during processing or steal and transmit unencrypted card data that is stored in the system database.


POS Malware

POS Malware is specifically designed for POS terminals and systems with the intention of stealing the information from customer’s banks. When the payment is

being processed credit card data is decrypted in the random access memory (RAM)

of the system. Appears Malware is able to enter into the system through week

security systems and then attack the data-stored-in-the RAM of the system and

then send it an encrypted to the hackers.


Different types of malware

Black POS: this type of Malware is designed for Windows system and

the computers which run on Windows. These do not have offline data extraction

and the stolen data is uploaded to remote servers online.

Treasure Hunt: this POS was custom built by a particular hacker group which a particular hacker group which used to steel credit card data of the customers and then use it fraudulently.

Poseidon: it installed a key logger on the system and then scans the system for any kind of credit card details on numbers and after collecting those numbers it send them to the hackers which then use that data for their own use.


How to prepare your system from POS

There are three mean ways by which retailers or POS machine manufacturers can and save the system from POS:

Code signing: Code signing is a kind of a cryptographic value assigned to a specific executables as a verifiable check against tempering. This insurance that the system is not tampered with, on the starting of the system.

White listing technology: this technology is used in determining any kind of unauthorized practices that are going on in the system and does stops POS Malware from harming the system. This type of Technology only allows some pre-authorized applications to run on the system.

Chip readers: the chipped cards allow customers to avoid swiping of credit or debit cards. The EMV system in the chipped cards use a kind of technology which changes the data information on every transaction and it becomes more difficult for the hackers to steal the information from credit or debit cards. In short it makes the replication of card data more hard as compared to the magnetic stripes.

Top POS machine manufacturers in the world

Toast POS: Toast POS-was-developed-by Toast Inc., which is a cloud-based

restaurant software company based in Boston. It is the leading POS

Manufacturers and grew to be one-of-the-most popular POS system built for

restaurant operation. The users can access the POS system from anywhere on their mobile as long as they have internet availability.

Square POS: Square POS was designed by Square Inc., and after the Toast POS it is the second largest POS manufacturer in the market at present and also considered the best in POS manufacturing.

The software that is designed by square POS machine manufacturers offers many facilities like processing payments, availability of digital as well as manual payment receipt, swiping cards without internet availability. It also provides specific hardware and software as per your business needs.

TouchBistro: ToichBistro is developed by a Toronto based company which is also among the leading manufacturers of POS systems. These POS machine manufacturers have developed and iPad based POS technology which is suitable for maintaining on managing restaurant processes even without availability of internet connection. They offer a hybrid solution that is along with providing cloud system they also provide local system for it. Hence, eliminating the risk of crashing the POS system while there is no availability of internet.

Poster POS: This company was founded in the year 2013. In in this system these POS manufacturers have provided for cloud-based computing of your systems through which you can access your POS system from anywhere around the

world and this also have fully functional back office in the browser.

These POS machine manufacturers have taken complete care of the fact that you can use this POS system from any kind of device be it iPad or Android or Windows based or Linus based.

Vend: Vend is a New Zealand based manufacturers which provides is customer

with a very high quality of POS systems and does not compromise with their

quality and security of the system. This POS system is again a hybrid system and you can access it from any device and both cloud and local computing are available in the system.

With the developing technology it has become necessary to use POS systems in restaurants or cafes or in retail places because it is quite convenient for the customers as well as for the retail sellers.

But with technology comes the bad side of it like hacking and crashing or malwares and to protect your POS system from any kind of Malware and hacking then you must rely on the given solutions. Any kind of Malware introduction in the POS system can be very fatal and dangerous as it will lead to stealing of the data present in your system about the customer’s bank details. So along with using technology, their must be use of certain methods that can save us from the bad bugs of this technology.

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