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pos machines sell like hot cakes | nashik news - times of india

by:PTKSAI     2019-11-06
NASHIK: the difficulty of small changes in dry ATMs and 2,000 rupees notes prompted nashicies to buy point of sale (PoS)
A lot of machines are putting the business back on track. From small-
Time traders at Nashik grocery stores, restaurants, photo studios and even corner shops have begun to buy POS machines and empower customers by swiping their cards.
Generally speaking, we used to receive two or three phone calls every day asking about the POS machine.
After November 8, the number of calls increased.
Today, we sell at least 20 machines a day.
It\'s almost a ten.
Sales have doubled.
Of course, we handle more than 40 inquiry calls for POS machines every day, said Megha Patel, one of Nashik\'s POS machines leading dealers.
Patel said a good query came from malegon who killed Jalgaon and far away.
In places like nevande and Iola.
I hope we can see POS machines selling every day in vegetable stalls and shops --
By next month, she said, items during the day, even in the laundromat.
Patel Kumar\'s claim is backed by figures from Mumbai\'s Praneet Singh, who has provided Nashik with the largest number of POS machines.
We have a huge customer base in Nashik.
Although PoS sales across the country have grown in many ways since the government decided to cancel Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes, Nashik has not fallen behind.
He said PoS demand for Nashik increased by at least 45% in November.
In addition to the list of wishes of nashikites, there are hands --
Free POS machine with prices between Rs 600 and Rs 800 per unit.
The portable PoS app takes two business days to be attached with the store\'s savings or current account-owner.
Nashik customers prefer machines without the Internet.
They want the door too.
One-Step delivery, he added.
At the same time, Nashikites are also beginning to notice more and more POS machines.
I was surprised to see a swipe option in a corner near the Bhujbal farm.
We go to the store regularly.
The equipment is not compare the â x80 waste said Ankita Gore govindnagar of resident.
Since announcing the cancellation of brand drive, we have lost at least four to five customers a day.
They have either no cash or no change.
So we decided to introduce the POS machine.
Its cost is about Rs 750, which does not exceed the profit provided by our customers who lost in the past due to the shortage of change, said Govinda Rasal, owner of the \"mis\" corner.
Sumit Mahale, a local fabric supplier at Nehru Jok, said we now have a new POS machine, a step towards cashless trading.
There is a lot of debate about non-monetization, but business must continue.
PoS is like-
He added that the time investment will continue to benefit us and our customers even with cash balances by next month.
The point of sale is the time and place to complete the retail transaction.
At the point of sale, the merchant will calculate the amount owed by the customer and indicate the amount and can prepare the invoice for the customer and indicate the option for the customer to pay.
This is also the point after the customer pays the merchant in exchange for the goods or provides the service.
After receiving the payment, the merchant can issue a receipt for the transaction, the receipt is usually printed, but more and more people are distributed or sent electronically to calculate the amount owed by the customer, merchants can use a variety of auxiliary tools such as weighing scales, barcode scanners, electronics and manual cash registers.
EPOS terminals, touch screens and a variety of other hardware and software options are available for payment.
A point of sale is often referred to as a point of service because it is not only a point of sale, but also a point of return or a point of order for a customer.
Various temples in Nashik also use a swipe machine to get donations.
After the decision to scrap the money, Shirdi Saibaba increased the number of POS machines from 8 to 20.
Most temples followed closely and ordered POS machines within 29 days of the government\'s decision.
The Trimbakeshwar temple authorities have installed a swipe facility in their trust office, while Saptashrungi Shaline has added two more swipe machines to the two donation counters.
The center\'s decision to void the old Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes hit devout believers visiting the Sababa Temple in Shirdi, where the Yasukuni Shrine Trust refuses to donate demonized money.
However, the temple authorities have arranged for the card reader to accept the donated plastic money and to charge for the accommodation of etitees accommoation and the extension of their stay in Bhaktanivas, in addition to the free provision for them
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