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Printer & POS Peripheral

Printer & POS Peripheral


As a one-stop POS solution provider, PTKSAI also provides peripheral terminals, such as point of sale register, pos barcode scanner, POS scale with printer, thermal receipt printer, and label printer.

The printer we provide supports paper feed and paper return, and can flexibly fix the position of the paper. With a built-in power adapter, it is very easy to replace and very safe for users. The product supports 2D barcode and QR code printing, offering much convenience. If there is a disconnection from the network, the product will automatically continue to print and ensures no error about the printing content after the network recovery. For example, our KS-PR03 printer is a kind of new thermal printer. It is mainly used for printing the label paper. It is compatible with plenty of label software and is installed with BMP and PCX images download store. Its distinguished function is to automatically locate the label paper and print it out. What's more, it is suitable for printing thermal paper rolls or self-adhesive labels.

In conclusion, PTKSAI's printer is characterized by a high printing speed and low noise. It requires no ribbon and is featured with high reliability and high printing quality. It has a small size and simple operating method, which is able to help avoid daily maintenance trouble and save a lot of labor. Thanks to its superior performance, it is widely used in many fields, especially the business fields like warehousing, logistics, and courier express, etc.

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