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Printer Tips--- What improper operation will affect the sprinkler


The sprinkler is the core component of the printer. If used and maintained correctly, the life of the sprinkler can reach 8-12 months. However, due to some incorrect operation, the life of the sprinkler is greatly reduced. After a long period of research, we found that 10 kinds of behavior most likely to harm the sprinkler.


Continuous power supply for dismantling and assembling nozzles

Install and disassemble the circuit of the digital printer at will without turning off the power switch and cutting off the main power supply. This behavior will damage the service life of each system, especially the sprinkler.


The cleaning solution remained in the sprinkler for more than two days and two nights

Soaking the nozzle for a long time with the cleaning solution can remove the stain more effectively, but if the soaking time exceeds 48 hours, the nozzle may be corroded.


Change the ink at will without cleaning.

Even in the same ink, the composition of the ink produced by different manufacturers is different. If the ink is not cleaned and replaced directly, more particles may be produced and the nozzle will be blocked. Therefore, the nozzle must be cleaned before changing the ink.


Use inefficient ink and cleaning fluid

Ink with poor quality will affect the effect of spraying and block the spray head. Cleaning liquid with poor quality may corrode the spray head. Never choose cheap ink and cleaning liquid with poor quality because of small loss. It is better to choose ink designated by equipment manufacturers.


Powerful cleaning of sprinkler with high pressure air gun

Cleaning sprinkler is a meticulous work, which can not be directly washed with high-pressure air gun for quick drawing. If the sprinkler is only slightly blocked, the needle can be used to flush gently. A proper amount of cleaning liquid can also be added to the needle tube to clean the sprinkler.


Clean products without quality inspection

The sprinkler is very easy to be polluted and worn. If the quality of cleaning tools is not good or they are not clean, it may cause secondary pollution to the sprinkler. Before cleaning the sprinkler, it is necessary to ensure the reliability of the cleaning products.


Pay no attention to protecting circuit boards and other internal systems

Turn off the power supply when cleaning, and be careful not to let the water touch the circuit board and other internal systems.


Non-standard adjustment of nozzle position by external force

Neither replace nor fine-tune the sprinkler, do not use brute force, please treat the sprinkler cautiously according to the specifications.


Pay no attention to static electricity protection

Digital printer printing is greatly affected by static electricity, so you can't directly contact the sprinkler with your hands. When maintaining the sprinkler, you should wear protective gloves. You must also check the connection of the ground wire regularly and sprinkle a little salt water around the ground wire appropriately.


Cleaning nozzles with ultrasonic cleaning for a long time

In fact, if you pay attention to the maintenance of nozzles, there is no need for ultrasonic cleaning at all. Ultrasound will cause adverse effects on sprinklers. Unless the nozzle is seriously blocked, it can be cleaned by ultrasonic wave. The cleaning time should not exceed 3 minutes at most.

The sprinkler is the core component of the printer, so it must be cleaned and maintained in the right way to prolong the service life of the sprinkler.

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