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Ptksai advertising machine one machine Yang Fan: what kind of mentality is closed loop?

by:PTKSAI     2020-01-23
Ptksai advertising machine one machine Yang Fan: what kind of mentality is closed loop? The notebook at home is always used for a long time, and it is very hot. So a few days ago, I bought a notebook radiator on the internet. I thought it was shipped in Shenzhen. I can arrive the next day and use it early. I am looking forward to it. The seller delivered the goods quickly. He bought them in the morning and showed that the baby had already been delivered at noon. The ptksai advertising machine all-in-one machine still showed the same thing yesterday: it has been out of the warehouse, and there is no other logistics turnover information. Ptksai advertising machine one machine then asked the seller, the seller said to reply to me after checking, the result has been no reply. I asked again last night, but I still replied to the inquiry and replied to me without any attitude towards solving the problem. This perfunctory attitude is what makes me angry. Ptksai advertising machine all-in-one machine could have replied to me directly, but I can understand it before it is shipped. As a result, I have been deceived and said that the delivery has been made, and the logistics information has been sent, and it has not been sent. People who often buy online know that if they do ship the goods, they must be able to see the logistics information. It is impossible to have a single number for three days without any turnover information? Ptksai advertising machine all-in-one actually this product arrives early and late, which does not cause much loss to me, but this way of doing things makes people angry. Ptksai advertising machine all-in-one machine in its own work, delayed delivery also happens occasionally, and some unexpected situations will inevitably occur in the production process. Who else has encountered this closed-loop phenomenon in trading? Ptksai advertising machine all-in-one multimedia teaching touch all-in-one machine is developed on the basis of conventional audio-visual education and computer equipment, it has the functions of teaching, academic report, conference, comprehensive discussion, demonstration and communication, remote teaching, remote examination paper modification, remote class, remote topic setting, remote conference, etc. Through touch function, it can better meet the comprehensive requirements of academic reports, conferences, academic exchanges, multimedia teaching, on-site teaching and distance education. It has an intelligent management system and good audio and video effects. How to use the teaching touch machine? Touch advertising machine is a perfect combination of touch screen, LCD screen, industrial computer unit and all-in-one shell. When we use it, we use the icon or menu position touched by our fingers to locate and select information input, the touch screen consists of a touch detection component and a touch screen controller; The touch detection part is installed in front of the display screen for detecting the touch position of the user and receiving the rear touch screen controller; The main function of the touch screen controller is to receive touch information from the touch point detection device, convert it into contact coordinates, and then send it to the CPU, it can also receive commands from the CPU and execute them. For the convenience of operation, people use touch screen instead of mouse or keyboard. When working, we must first touch the touch screen installed on the front end of the display with fingers or other objects, then the system designs exquisite software framework pages according to the touch display software, adds the text, pictures and video content to be displayed, and uses the special touch interactive use experience of the touch screen all-in-one machine, better display of store information, enhance the image, let customers get a good feeling, and create more revenue.
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