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Ptksai advertising machine subverts traditional advertising

by:PTKSAI     2020-01-21
Ptksai advertising machine subversive break traditional advertising with the rapid rise of China's technology, new media, the Internet, the sharing economy, the new retail concept is gradually gaining popularity. In recent years, the sharing economy has benefited more and more fields and penetrated into all aspects of daily life, while people's sharing consumption habits have become more and more diversified. Share bicycles, share charging treasures, share basketball, share cars. . . . . . In just two or three years, the development of shared economy is in full swing. Sharing economy is a major outlet in today's era. Advertising Machine breaks traditional advertising ptksai advertising machine in today's Internet era, traditional advertising companies are facing difficulties. For most advertisers of small, medium and micro brands, the budget for advertising is limited and the sales conversion effect of advertising is higher. However, the traditional advertising companies have a single advertising form and fierce homogenization competition. In addition to blindly increasing exposure, they cannot correctly measure and evaluate the conversion value, and their core competitiveness is seriously lacking. The development of ptksai advertising machine sharing economy has promoted the birth of sharing media. Yunlian sharing subverts the characteristics of traditional media, breaks the gap of domestic sharing economy in the media field, and becomes a diversified and comprehensive sharing media platform for the media industry. Advertising Machine breaks the traditional advertisement ptksai advertising machine is committed to solving the pain points such as high traditional advertising cost, unable to control the delivery effect, and unknown advertisement whereabouts for a long time. Yunlian sharing is building a brand-new service platform, with mutual benefit and win-win as the corporate philosophy, we will open the entrances to major scenes and provide a new advertising traffic entrance for major advertisers by relying on the products set by the enterprise. Ptksai advertising machine shares advertisements, providing advertisers with a low-cost and accurate marketing advertising artifact. At the same time, terminal owners can generate revenue when providing traffic terminals, and idle advertising screens can be fully utilized. Through the sharing platform, the advertising party, the terminal owner and the user make profits and take what they need. Advertising machine breaking the traditional advertising ptksai advertising machine newspaper is not difficult to deny, whether it is a local newspaper or a national newspaper, as long as there is an influential newspaper advertising is quite expensive. And for newspapers, people usually read only once. This means :(1) There is only one chance to get a good impression of the reader; (2) The audience is small, and only the audience who spends money has the opportunity to read your advertisement; (3) It depends entirely on the readers themselves to remember the advertising information and take corresponding actions. However, these can be avoided through outdoor LCD advertising machines to ensure that advertising information has a good environment for people to watch, understand and accept. At the same time, because the audience of outdoor advertising machines are coming and going guests, the audience area is wider, and people can take corresponding measures immediately (Purchase, record information, ask for more information, etc). The advertising machine breaks the traditional advertising magazine. Each advertising information can easily reach several hundred pounds, several hundred dollars and several hundred euros, and the advertising information cannot be updated without issuing new magazines. Usually, even if your advertisement information is wrong or outdated, you cannot take any measures within two weeks. The advantage of outdoor LCD advertising Machine * is that it can update data in time. You can change the screen content with just a few clicks and display new content in a few minutes. Ptksai advertising machine breaks the traditional advertising mode and is your more economical, convenient and diversified propaganda and marketing weapon.
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