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Ptksai Android intelligent weighing cash register scale intelligent traceability retail scale

by:PTKSAI     2020-01-22
Intelligent traceability retail scale (No pole type) Applicable to farmer's market retail, fresh supermarket chain and other applications, and background management software ( Such as: invoicing system, traceability system, customer system, settlement system, sales system)Seamless docking. Designed for the application habits of fresh agricultural products, the operation efficiency is improved by more than 60%, generally 3- A transaction can be completed in 5 seconds, providing an integrated solution for buyers and sellers of agricultural products to weigh, price, swipe cards, print bills, and collect and upload data in real time. With the general traditional scale card reader (Installed) The difference is that our products have been tested and continuously improved for more than 6 years in terms of waterproof effect, user operation experience, software background expansion and data transmission stability. It has the advantages of small size, light weight, durable battery and wireless transmission. Traceability retail scale product features: 1, patented variety can change card technology, change varieties at any time 2, range 6 KG, 15 KG, 30KG3, rich expansion interface, support cash box, scanning gun, bank card, etc. 4, easy to operate software design, one-button calibration 5, through high and low temperature test (Test environment minus 10 degrees to 60 degrees) Intelligent weighing through waterproof, moisture-proof and insect-proof test 6, support WeChat management inquiry, print receipt or label two-dimensional code, support WeChat scanning 7, the power consumption of the whole machine is within 10 W, and the battery is durable, patented power saving Technology 8, support group management, real-time data Statistics Report 9, use more than color LCD screen (Double Screen Display) 10. Support WIFI, 3G/4G wireless network, VPN dedicated channel, offline/online transaction automatic switching function 11, built-in self-developed traceability software and intelligent management software, support remote upgrade 12, support member IC card, WeChat, Citizen Card, multiple channels 13, applicable power supply 220VAC- 12VDC conforms to the 'National Development and Reform Commission National Debt project agricultural products wholesale market information construction', 'National Meat and vegetable circulation traceability system construction specification', 'Ministry of Commerce Chinese herbal medicine circulation traceability' and other access specifications. The intelligent traceability scale is also called the agricultural product traceability wholesale scale. Unlike the previous scales, this scale has a variety of functions such as agricultural product information entry, transmission, and recording of agricultural product safety information and transaction information, you can also print quality traceability documents to consumers (Traceability code). With the traceability code, consumers can check whether the quality of the purchased agricultural products is qualified through terminals, the Internet, SMS or hotline. However, unlike the traditional electronic scale, the traceable electronic scale has the functions of electronic settlement and information traceability. It can be used exclusively and can be directly swiped on the scale for settlement. While uploading transaction data, transfer to the operator bound to the electronic scale
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