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Ptksai attendance new method

by:PTKSAI     2020-01-15
Most of the traditional attendance machines are low-end single machines, which have the problems of low identification rate, unstable operation, messy data, etc. It is difficult to meet the existing big data processing and standardized management needs of employees, even in some places, there is a phenomenon of punching in or applying fingerprints. Enterprises urgently need a powerful attendance and access control machine. Technology, after years of market research, technical research and product research and development, in April 2016, ptksai Technology officially launched this high-end top-end face access attendance machine. Highlight 1. Infrared living body detection, accurate recognition of ptksai face recognition entrance guard attendance machine TSR- 2 K, using * infrared face recognition technology, can identify whether the comparison object is a living person, realize living body detection, and prevent false photos from being detected instead. The product adopts a professional dual-camera module, which can be recognized during the day/night, and has a light supplement strategy. The color image is also clearly identifiable under low illumination to ensure the validity of the identification data. Health face recognition access control is a professional access control product that adds the core technology of face recognition to the traditional entrance and exit control system. The recognition speed is within 1s and the accuracy rate reaches 99. 98%, leading at home and abroad. Moreover, the product uses face recognition technology to identify the identity of the inbound and outbound personnel at key locations at the entrance and exit to determine whether to release them. Highlight 2, cold and heat resistant, efficient and stable attendance machines on the market, generally can only meet the use of above zero. Desheng face recognition access control attendance machine TSR-2 K, working temperature- Between 10 ° C and 50 ° C, it can meet the normal use of most non-cold areas in China. The body of the product is made of aluminum alloy casing, which has good anti-fall performance and stable operation. It can satisfy long-term high-intensity work. It is a face access control attendance machine equipped on the market. Highlight 3, platform unified management, simple and portable everyone's handsome face is the wealth that parents give us, born, will not be unable to open the door because they forget to bring the card or forget the password. Easy to use, the equipment operation platform is simplified, the menu is clear, and the start time is less than 5 minutes. The multi-functional management software platform can easily realize remote monitoring and management of large-scale access control channels. And face data distribution can be realized. Through USP management platform, all faces can be collected on one device, then distributed to face recognition devices at other outlets in the network, and permissions can be configured for each user, time period, etc. It can realize unified management of one platform with the one-card management platform of large industrial parks or office places, so that managers can reduce labor intensity and make management more efficient and convenient. Face recognition entrance guard attendance machine 2K has stable performance, high office efficiency, simple operation, simplicity and generosity, and perfectly combines face recognition technology with identity verification, attendance registration and entrance guard system, can be applied to high-end VIP financial places (Banks, credit unions, etc) , High-end villas, residential areas, large factories, enterprises and institutions, as well as campus examination rooms and other places.
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