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Ptksai cash register new retail choice

by:PTKSAI     2020-01-21
The following is a comparison of some of my experiences after using the traditional cash register and ptksai cash register: first, it is easy to use when starting up: the traditional cash register generally needs to install the system, the consumption time is generally more than two hours, and it needs to be operated by professionals. The merchants need to be carefully trained to understand the operation process. The Huixin advertising cash register machine itself has installed the operating software, and the functional modules are clear at a glance, even 0 can be used immediately. Second, the sense of technology is full, the light does not occupy the traditional cash register is bulky, heavy, and consumes electricity. Sometimes the noise is not beautiful, the cash register is small and does not occupy the land, and the technology is full, placing it at the store cashier can improve the overall grade of the store, especially the wonderful advertising video displayed on the sub-screen (Picture) Can make people shine at the moment, the following picture shows my store real shot: Third, the boss who provides all the ways to play the internet * is concerned about the revenue situation, hoping to analyze what products are good to sell and how much to sell, when you need to purchase, you probably need to enter. Most of the traditional cash registers can't do this. If there are some systems with cloud services that need to be charged every year, it will be reduced by thousands of yuan per year, however, Huixin's SAAS service, data, profit statistics, purchase, sale and deposit management and chain store management are all provided for free use by stores using intelligent pos cash registers. Fourth, the online and offline integration of traditional cash registers, there is no one in the system to take over the third-party take-out platform and WeChat, etc, most of them are placed next to the cash register, and a table card that prints the QR code is placed separately for scanning payment. The ptksai cash register can receive orders and print and distribute them, saving merchants with computers and printers; At the same time, it also solves the phenomenon that the operation of multiple devices leads to confusion. Five, WeChat, Alipay scan code payment cash register system accurate to each order details to distinguish the payment situation ,( How much cash has been received, how much WeChat has received, how much Alipay has received) There are additional report statistics, which can easily grasp the daily sales situation and profit situation. These are not functions for traditional cash registers. If we want to keep up with the pace of the times, our small bosses have to jump out of the traditional model. The above opinions are for your reference. Intelligent POS machine. Advantages of Android cash register 1. Android cash register has price advantages. At present, Android cash registers on the market are generally cheap, while windows cash registers cost more than twice as much as Android cash registers. 2, Android cash register compatibility is strong. Based on the open source operating system, Android cash register can install various take-out software, cash register software, management software, etc. In addition, it is easy to dock cash box, scanning gun, POS machine and other cash register external equipment. 3, Android cash register operation is simple. Android cash register comes with Android cash register software. Opening the software to enter the account password and logging in with one key is as simple and convenient as operating WeChat, saving a lot of operation time. 4, Android cash register appearance is beautiful and exquisite. Unlike the cumbersome appearance of the traditional cash register, the Android cash register is stylish and compact, especially for the storefront where the cash register covers a small area, this is undoubtedly the pain in the boss's heart!
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