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Ptksai cashier: smart cash register that can play 'The Glory of the King'

by:PTKSAI     2020-01-22
With the development of Internet of Things technology, the use scenarios of various intelligent hardware have become more and more abundant. More than a decade ago, no one thought that a mobile phone could be used to watch videos, and no one thought that a speaker could help you remotely control all the appliances in your home. . . . . . More impossible application scenarios are becoming a reality. Today we are going to introduce a smart cash register that can play the glory of the king, so that intelligence is more than cash register. Some people may ask if the cash register is not used to collect money, you need to configure so high, run a large game? However, the arrival of the new retail has given the cash register more functions: invoicing management, member management, various payments, etc. , which have higher requirements for the configuration of the cash register. Running the game is * testing the running speed and performance of the computer, and many mobile phone brands even use running the glory of the King as the standard for testing the user's performance experience. But playing the glory of the King on the smart cash register should be the first new game in the industry. As a manufacturer of intelligent hardware, ptksai is a leader in the field of intelligent cash registers. Tianbo intelligent cash register has greatly improved the configuration of cash register in order to meet the demand for cash register in restaurants and retail stores under the new retail. This time we found ptksai intelligent cash register P18, new dual-screen cash register all-in-one P8 and intelligent cash register P88 to battle and see which one will win. 15. 6 inch-inch high-definition touch screen, the picture is bigger and more beautiful. Many game players have extremely high requirements for screen image quality. Tianbo intelligent cash register is 15. The 6 inch-inch HD touch screen allows the game screen to be presented more delicately, and the high sensitivity of the screen is more conducive to smooth operation. It is worth noting that this smart cash register also comes with the effect of dual-screen display. The dual-screen display may seem to be useless to gamers, but for merchants, the double screen of the smart cash register can simultaneously realize the main screen cash register operation and the guest screen display goods, as an advertising space display, to attract customers to spend twice at the checkout or ordering, at this time, tianbo's dual-screen intelligent cash register can achieve this effect. The dual-screen and dual-touch display also improves the intelligent cash register and visual experience. Ptksai intelligent cash register runs smoothly without Karton ptksai intelligent cash register has stable and smooth performance, and the glory of the king has no pressure. Android system is simple and easy to use. Many people are not familiar with the operation of cash register. However, tianbo's Intelligent Cash Register starts from the user experience, and the whole operation is basically the same as our usual experience with mobile phones, and can be started in a minute, so it is not difficult to play 'The Glory of the King' on the cash register. This is due to the fact that from the flagship cash register TPS650 to the single-screen Super Cash Register TPS681 to double 11. The customization of 6 inch small dual-screen cash registers is based on the popular Android system, and Android phones are also popular at present, so users will soon be familiar with them. The system is easy to operate and is the norm for many commercial smart cash registers. Coupled with high-end technology design, it can increase the charm of commercial cash registers. Yan value is high enough to be simple, in fact, it can touch the merchant's desire to buy, and high cost performance is the law of market transactions. Ptksai smart cash register plays with the glory of the King High-speed CPU processor, industrial-grade motherboard game running * test the memory performance and stability of the computer/cash register. The ptksai smart cash register uses an industrial-grade motherboard and a high-speed 4-core or 8-core CPU processor. With Master Lu's score test, you can score more than 80000 points. During the whole game, these smart cash registers did not appear to be stuck, controlling the flow of water, the high-end players experienced very well, and they were able to lead the team to victory. Ptksai smart cash register to play the glory of the King player Summary: ptksai smart cash register these smart cash registers are easy to learn, the touch screen resolution is high and clear, the control is smooth, there is no card in the process of playing. The CPU runs smoothly and has enough memory to run such a complicated large game. I believe it is more than enough for a simple cash register. PS: The above game software is used by the cash register manufacturer to reflect the performance of the cash register. The cash register purchased by the merchant has set the corresponding permissions. The clerk does not have permission to install other software outside the cash register, please feel free to use the cash register. Brand profile: ptksai intelligent hardware focuses on building open intelligent hardware customization solutions, including handheld Android intelligent terminal series, desktop Android intelligent terminal series and cabinet Android intelligent terminal series. Provide one-stop intelligent hardware customization solution, and there have been successful cases in catering, tourism, hotel, logistics, retail, department stores and other industries. 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