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Ptksai desktop Android intelligent face recognition visitor

by:PTKSAI     2019-12-13
Face recognition visitor is a high-precision technology in today's international science and technology field-- Face recognition technology system business process machine image processing technology and biostatistics principle in one) Secondly, using computer image processing technology to extract portrait feature points from the video, using the principle of Biostatistics to analyze and establish a Face feature template. When the registered person walks past the face recognition machine, it will have a voice prompt 'hello' or the name of the person indicating that the attendance has been successful. Moreover, it also has an image update function. If the image being taken is used as a * Face, the second face is stored. If the * face image is consistent with the second face image, the face recognition visitor will automatically store * face images to update the second face image. This method can keep the user's face Image updated, reduce the influence of face shape change on recognition, and increase the recognition accuracy. The working process of the visitor plane face recognition the visitor plane is mainly used for the attendance statistics of the company's employees. When the employees sign in, they need to collect the facial photos of the employees through the camera, then the feature value is obtained from the collected photos through the face recognition algorithm and analyzed and compared with the feature value of the employee's face photos stored in the database. After the recognition is successful, the employee's name is reported, attendance is successful. Functional Features 1. The method of locating key areas of human face has high accuracy and good safety. Android visitor 2. Generally, special dual cameras are used, which belong to quasi-three-dimensional face recognition technology. The recognition performance is much higher than that of two-dimensional face recognition, and the algorithm complexity is far lower than that of three-dimensional face recognition. 3. The recognition performance is not affected by ambient light and has good reliability. 4. You can upload the user name list through the U disk, download the access control attendance record and photos. 5. The device status can be set through TCP/IP network and download information can be uploaded; Network communication data encryption. 6. Naturalness, the recognition method is the same as the biological characteristics used by human beings in individual recognition. Intelligent visitor 7. Completely non-contact, can avoid bacterial infection, more healthy and hygienic. 8. Voice prompt, the real person sends a voice prompt whether the face image is verified successfully. Android visitor 9. It can be used independently and can complete personnel registration, face attendance, storage records and other functions without connecting to a computer. How to Use ·'Menu '->Administrator verification, enter the system->Registered users->Enter the' job number' and press OK->FACE image acquisition, press OK to save. If the device is used for * times and the administrator has not set it, press MENU to directly enter the configuration administrator module. · Device connection: after installing the software, Click' device management '->'Add '-> Enter 'device number', 'name', 'device type', 'IP address '->Press' confirm '. Then click' employee management '->'Import '->'Import from device '-> 'Query all staff information in the device' receives the staff information from the device->'Save all '. Note 1. Your portrait must be within the frame; When sampling, as long as the face is within the mirror range, the line of sight is parallel to the center of the mirror or the head is lowered. 2. Please keep about 30- At a distance of, the face is facing the mirror, the eyes are staring at the center of the mirror, slowly moving the face back and forth, and keeping the natural look when sampling. 3. Try to keep the sampling environment consistent with the attendance environment during sampling. It is recommended that * sample at the location of the visitor. 4, please keep the expression natural, avoid closing eyes, strabismus, hair cover eyes, please do not wear glasses when sampling and attendance, so that you can facilitate faster attendance. 5. Do not use near windows with sunlight.
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