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Ptksai dual-screen smart cash register makes store marketing easier

by:PTKSAI     2020-01-22
The cash register is already standard for restaurants and shopping malls. With the proliferation of large supermarket chains, wise operators have put forward new demands for intelligent cash registers. So, how to make the smart cash register a God assist for chain stores and supermarkets? What is the difference between the chain store and the exclusive store in the use of the cash register? Let's take a look: 1. Supermarket chains operate in a unified way, and sales data and inventory data of headquarters and branches are handed in a unified way. And intelligent analysis of business data. 2, can support a variety of payment methods, such as Alipay, WeChat payment and other mobile payment methods. Especially in the face of peak traffic, whether it is mobile payment, credit card payment or cash payment, the smart cash register can easily cope with it and speed up the checkout. 3. Open up the member information of each store, analyze the number of visits and consumption habits of members, realize the functions of member balance and member points, and improve the loyalty of customers to the store brand. With the increase of users and the diversification of payment methods, member management between stores and data interaction between online and offline will be realized. 4. Connect the inventory management of each store. The source of goods is the lifeblood of chain stores. In order to ensure the normal operation of supermarkets and sufficient supply of goods, warehouse inventory management and distribution management are established. , Commodity information entry, and then through the cashier scan code gun scan code identification, sold goods through the intelligent cash register Upload server, one-click to understand the real-time operation of each store, timely adjustment. What are the benefits of a dual-screen smart cash register in the store? 1. The main screen and guest screen of the double-screen cash register with atmospheric appearance are displayed on a large screen. The appearance is simple and atmospheric, and the high-end temperament can naturally enhance the temperament of the store. 2. Fast and high-speed configuration of CPU and high-resolution screen, sensitive touch and fast response, providing stable and smooth cash register system for merchants to speed up cash register, order placing and order receiving. 3, advertising advantages businesses can flexibly use the guest screen, promote the purpose of the store, Play Store advertisements, store products, display promotional products, etc. , with excellent visual effects to attract customers and promote consumption. At the same time, the merchant can also place the store QR code in the guest screen, increase the number of fans of the store public number, increase the amount of online orders, and achieve the promotion effect of * with less publicity cost. 4. Information synchronization Le take-out double-screen intelligent cash register. When the merchant orders and checks out for the customer, the customer screen can synchronously display the details of the order and the amount payable information, so that the customer can check the personal order in time, clear consumption. At the same time, help businesses reduce order mistakes and improve order efficiency. 5, closer to the customer business in the operation of the dual-screen cash register, can communicate and communicate with customers at close range. Timely and effective communication can bring good service experience to customers, and businesses can also directly listen to customer feedback and improve products and services. Le take-out double-screen intelligent cash register gives full play to the advantages of the main and auxiliary screens to help businesses improve the efficiency of cash register. At the same time, it vigorously promotes shops and brings good experience to consumers in a transparent cash register way so that customers can consume safely. Visit the official website www. Lewaimai. Com, free use of music take-out smart cash register system.
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