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Ptksai dynamic face recognition technology creates a better life for the public in the future-PTKSAI English

Ptksai dynamic face recognition technology creates a better life for the public in the future

by:PTKSAI     2020-01-22
With the development and progress of science and technology, information technology has entered a brand-new field. As a typical branch technology in the field of artificial intelligence, face recognition performs identity identification by comparing the visual feature information of human faces, which belongs to both image recognition and biometric recognition. It has affected the development of the whole industry, even changed the way of life of the public, and opened up an era of face brushing for us. Face recognition creates a better life the future of face recognition ptksai dynamic face recognition everyone is talking about the face brushing era, but they do not know much about face recognition technology. Face recognition is actually a technology that automatically judges the similarity of two face photos through a variety of human biometric calculation methods. It is a kind of biometric feature recognition technology. Realize face retrieval in large-scale face Image Database. Face images obtained from various acquisition sources can be quickly compared with millions of pre-stored image databases, returning a matching list containing several * similar face images. Face recognition creates a popular explanation for a better life. Face recognition is to recognize facial features, nose, eyes, eyebrows, etc. In terms of dynamic face recognition, ptksai technology has always been a leader in the industry. Ptksai technology, a leader in dynamic, large-capacity and high-precision face recognition, was founded in 2010 and is dedicated to research on face recognition, vehicle recognition, face attribute analysis, body detection, behavior recognition analysis, video retrieval, etc. Ptksai technology has also developed a set of ptksai comprehensive algorithm, which has low energy consumption, fast speed, high precision, low cost and good data security. The future of face recognition ptksai dynamic face recognition ptksai face recognition all-in-one machine host built-in face recognition system, real-time and efficient recognition of face information, unique face recognition algorithm, accurate recognition of face, face recognition time is less than 1 s, built-in intelligent face recognition capture, supports face capture in complex light environment, integrates human and witness, reads ID card information, and performs real-time face comparison, the host supports wired Ethernet network and wireless WiFi protocol, the host supports external ID card reader, the host supports connection with personnel gate and entrance guard host through Wigan interface, and acts as face recognition card reader. The camera uses H. 265 Main Profile coding-by-scan 2. 1 million pixel CMOS sensor capture movement image no sawtooth stream smooth is set to adapt to customer different scene. The image quality, fluency of different requirements, support Machine vision optical wide dynamic ≥ 120dB, suitable for backlight environment monitoring, integrated built-in fill light, better adapt to the environment of insufficient light, support fog, 3D noise reduction, glare suppression, electronic anti-shake, and has a variety of white balance modes, suitable for various scene requirements, support backlight compensation, automatic electronic shutter function, automatic aperture, adapt to different monitoring environments, embedded Web Server, you can use IE to configure parameters, add Management lists, upgrade devices, and manage user rights. Applicable scenarios, personnel gates, smart gates, and verification of the Ministry of Public Security. Face recognition creates a better life ptksai technology's dynamic large-capacity face recognition system helps smart communities and provides a convenient environment for the public to travel. The face recognition system of ptksai technology can input the relevant information of the owners who are allowed to enter the community into the system in advance. The owner only needs to walk normally when entering the gate, and the gate will open automatically after the camera captures the owner's face, owners enter. If a stranger enters, face recognition will give an alarm. At this time, you need to register with the security office to enter. Face recognition creates a better life the future of face recognition ptksai dynamic face recognition ptksai technology face recognition access control machine realizes access control function through face recognition or swipe card. The product adopts ptksai face recognition algorithm, which makes recognition more accurate, the error rate is lower. In addition, the product environment has strong adaptability and high stability, and can be accurately identified indoors, outdoors, day and night. No matter in any environment, the equipment can work 24 hours a day. In addition to the community, on campus, face recognition technology also has a big stage. Students entering the teaching building system can automatically identify and open the door and open the intelligent management mode; Automatically alarm the blacklist of the school database, suspicious personnel, etc; Automatic reminder and alarm for strangers entering the campus without authorization; Dynamically notify campus security personnel through alarm system, voice, SMS and email; Automatically identify vehicles entering the campus to determine whether they are released. Ptksai technology's face recognition system can be widely used in smart homes, safe cities, smart communities, public security traffic, security monitoring, witness comparison, vehicle identification, intelligent gates, security solutions, etc, use intelligent face recognition technology to create a better life for the public in the future. Face recognition creates a better life the future of face recognition ptksai dynamic face recognition
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