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Ptksai face recognition technology creates the strongest defense line for G20 hotel security-PTKSAI English

Ptksai face recognition technology creates the strongest defense line for G20 hotel security

by:PTKSAI     2020-01-24
* In less than a month, the check-in management process of many hotels and hotels in Hangzhou's main urban area will become particularly scientific and technological. Through the new facial recognition technology, hotel passengers will complete identity verification quickly and accurately at one time. Recently, Shangcheng district public security management hotel association, Binjiang District hotel association, Gongshu district public security and Hangzhou local science and technology innovation enterprise Sier technology have reached strategic cooperation, the use of face recognition and identity verification system will be promoted in hotels and hotels. Stay at home now (Jiefang Road store)Passengers have been able to experience cool technology first. The first batch of 278 equipment terminals, including Hyatt hotel, are expected to be fully installed and debugged by July. Face recognition technology to build G20 hotel security * strong line of defense hotel security issues as one of the top ten projects to escort the G20, shouldering the obligation to assist the public security department to register mobile personnel. The Ministry of Public Security requires that hotels and guesthouses across the country must check and manage the identity of passengers. Due to the general lack of necessary identification equipment in hotels and hotels at present, only the ID card presented by the lodging or leasing person can be registered when handling the registration of accommodation or leasing business, and the identity of the holder cannot be accurately verified. In the opinion of Ma shenxiao, president of the Shangcheng district public security management hotel association in Hangzhou, the use of fake identity to check in is a big problem in the management of the hotel industry service process. However, the frequent occurrence of some extreme events has caused damage to the personal and property of other residents, and the social perception is generally poor. The hotel's identity verification system, which is promoted this time, will take the authenticity of the second-generation ID card and the identity of the certificate and the holder as the focus of machine identification when customizing the scheme, in order to ensure the safety of hotel stay and the authenticity of passengers' information, and reduce the safety risks of operation. Prove that you are your black technology and go through a complicated check-in process every time you check in at the hotel. Starting from the reception at the front desk, personnel confirmed, ID card scanning, prepaid deposit, door card issuance, printing vouchers and other cumbersome procedures, the hotel front desk because of cumbersome operations, and there are many kinds of hardware equipment, and errors often occur. This hotel witness system uses the * nature of face features to integrate advanced document reading, scanning, and witness comparison technologies to meet the needs of hotels and hotels for real-name management. When the waiter places the Guest ID card on the ID card reader, the camera on the one-in-one machine is awakened simultaneously. The system automatically compares the ID photos of the personnel staying in the hotel with the face image information collected by the on-site high-definition camera to identify the identity of the entrant (Identification Technology) , Quickly and efficiently realize the identity authentication of hotel users. The registration information and identification results of the entrants are permanently saved, and the registration information can be viewed at any time to understand the entry and exit status of the personnel. The Super algorithm to ensure the recognition rate of face brushing is a biological recognition technology, which achieves the purpose of recognition by detecting and comparing face images. Unlike other biometric identification, which requires users to cooperate with the collection, face images can be obtained without people's consciousness, without compulsion, and are easy to operate in practical application scenarios, the results are intuitive and concealed. As a local technology innovation company in Hangzhou, Sier technology is committed to providing machine vision application product development and integrated system solution services. The company's technical director said that the advanced face ++ algorithm adopted provided a guarantee for the whole set of integrated face recognition application solutions. According to public information, since 2014, face has been the world's authoritative face detection FDDB evaluation, ranking first in the-W evaluation of face key points, beating Facebook in the evaluation of face recognition LFW, ranked world *. Another core advantage of technology is the introduction of the deep learning function of artificial intelligence. In addition to the more times the algorithm brushes the face, the more accurate the recognition will be, change the hairstyle, change the glasses, apply heavy makeup, or the Apple muscle sagging caused by gravity, basically, they can't cheat the face recognition system, with the recognition rate exceeding 99. 5% accuracy.
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