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Ptksai has six ideas about intelligent business pos system

by:PTKSAI     2020-01-23
Ptksai has six major ideas about intelligent business pos system. Advanced design ideas adopt advanced computer, network and database technology and choose products with good development prospects, to create a good environment for application and development, so that the system has advanced nature and has not lost its advanced nature for a long period of time. The products selected for practicability are advanced and mature in technology, with many supporting software, rich development tools and reasonable prices, and conform to international, national or industry standards; The user interface is intuitive and friendly, and business personnel can operate with simple training. On the basis of summarizing commonness, the personality of specific commercial enterprises is fully considered, making it a system with reasonable structure, complete functions, friendly interface and strong practicability. The reliability system uses Unix operating system and Sybase large database to ensure data consistency and integrity and protect the system from virus infection. Provide perfect data backup scheme and recovery means after system crash. Intelligent Business pos system intelligent business pos system maintainability system provides powerful functions of network, database management, maintenance and monitoring, can effectively carry out network and database system management, maintenance, monitoring, fault location and fault recovery; It can conveniently control, reorganize and adjust the performance of the system to maintain good performance. The application system should have corresponding management and maintenance functions and provide user help functions to facilitate the use and maintenance of users. Scalable network system has flexible topology, strong adaptability and easy expansion; The increase or decrease of users does not affect the operation of the system; The system equipment configuration is flexible and convenient, with good compatibility and openness, and easy to upgrade; The implementation modules of the application software are independent of each other, the control program and the execution program are separated, and the application software has a high degree of program independence and data independence, thus reducing the impact of organization and business changes to * Small, convenient expansion and modification. The security and confidentiality system provides three-level permission control functions at the system level, database level and application level to check whether users have legal identities and permissions to prevent non-user intrusion or illegal use of data, effectively ensure data security. The design of the application system should make full and reasonable use of various mechanisms and functions provided by the system to build the commercial sales and management system into a high security system. Pos system at a time when the current commercial competition is getting fiercer and the transition from price competition to management competition, major shopping malls have introduced commercial POS systems into shopping mall management, in order to improve their competitiveness. POS system came into being under this situation. It adopts advanced computer network and database technology and organically combines with modern business management mode to learn from others, integrating the advancement of technology and the effectiveness of management, it brings not only a management method to the enterprise, but also, more importantly, it will open the door of modern management for you, pave the way for your scientific, efficient and standardized business management. . . Pos system
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