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Ptksai helps physical stores to create O2O closed loop, intelligent cash register came into being

by:PTKSAI     2020-01-22
On February 15 this year, Tencent's WeChat team announced that from March 1, WeChat payment will exceed the amount from change to bank card (Accumulated 1000 yuan) Cash withdrawal charges a handling fee, and the transfer is free of charge, while other functions such as WeChat red envelopes and AA collection are not affected. As soon as this announcement came out, it attracted the attention of users and the media. It is said that WeChat's move is to move a stone to his own foot, and it is also praised as a stone and three birds. In the mobile payment industry, Alipay is a pioneer and leader in the industry. Although WeChat has achieved great success with the help of red envelopes, at the transaction level, especially in online payment transactions, alipay backed by Taobao is still the big head, and WeChat payment is at most a powerful challenger. The Internet industry has always been only a latecomer to subvert the forerunner through free, and now, as a leader, Alipay still adopts a basic free strategy for users. In the PK with Alipay, there is no absolute leading WeChat payment to take the lead in charging. Compared with Baidu Wallet, which is free of various handling fees and returns 1% cash all the year round, WeChat's payment practice is really puzzling. However, after careful consideration, in addition to the pressure of being forced to handle fees and the consideration of retaining funds, WeChat's reliance on payment fees * is still little pressure on the loss of users. Tencent's move undoubtedly sends us a signal that the market competition pattern of mobile payment at the C end has been preliminarily determined. Even if WeChat takes a seemingly risky charging move, it will not be too risky. Because the main battlefield of mobile payment is changing from C to B, that is, merchant and enterprise. After the BAT war made mobile payment extremely popular, offline merchants had to face the coexistence of traditional UnionPay, two-dimensional code, fingerprint, NFC and other payment methods at the same time, they have to choose to upgrade the payment equipment according to the user's habits. This is also the main reason why Internet smart cash register products have attracted much attention in recent years and have triggered the influx of many venture capitalists and competitors. However, with the increasingly obvious competitive advantage in the O2O application platform market, the intelligent cash register, which is in the key position of O2O consumption closed loop, however, it is not limited to meeting various payment needs such as brushing UnionPay cards, scanning code payment, and even NFC payment. Instead, it gradually fades the coat of cash register and develops towards the direction of intelligence, networking and platform, integrating functions such as online marketing, online ordering, online payment and store management, provide comprehensive and convenient services for merchants. In the catering, beauty salon, logistics and other service industries, ptksai Technology Co. , Ltd. can be called the Intelligent housekeeper of the physical store, and has won praise from the majority of merchants in terms of stability, safety and efficiency. Ptksai Technology Co. , Ltd. introduced a new product, the Internet guest intelligent cash register all-in-one machine, which is the representative of ptksai Technology Co. , Ltd. intelligent cash register: ipad air 2 is used as the main display screen, support bank card payment, WeChat Payment, Alipay, Apple Pay, NFC payment, fingerprint payment and other payment methods. Based on cloud computing and big data statistical analysis technology, ptksai Technology Co. , Ltd. Intelligent cash register is the first intelligent cloud cash register platform in the industry that integrates all-channel payment, all-business management, marketing management, supply chain finance, big data analysis technology and other functions, it provides rich commercial applications for offline physical merchants and becomes an important medium for the internetization of physical stores. It will play an important role in the O2O process of physical stores and help physical stores to create O2O closed loops. On 2016, based on merchant feedback and market demand, ptksai Technology Co. , Ltd. launched a complete set of cash register equipment for physical stores: multi-function cash box and integrated code scanning gun. This intelligent cash register all-in-one machine also supports Wifi, Bluetooth, 3G, 4G and other network environments and has automatic switching settings; It also has a high-speed thermal printer and a high-configuration camera, which does not need to add peripherals, making it convenient for physical merchants to collect money anytime and anywhere and ensuring smooth transactions; Merchants can also use remote methods (WEB page, APP) Always check the transaction situation in the store, put on and off the store products, modify the product information and price, and adjust the in-store promotion and product display position. It is reported that the hardware of ptksai Technology Co. , Ltd. is developed, designed, manufactured and manufactured by ptksai Technology Co. , Ltd. The equipment of ptksai Science and Technology Co. , Ltd. continuously improves its innovation ability and service level by virtue of its strong resource advantages, team advantages and research and development capabilities, in terms of intelligent POS machine, it has obtained more than dozens of patents and certifications such as appearance, patents, software, hardware and security, providing reliable hardware guarantee for this product, let the majority of merchants enjoy convenient services without worries. In the era of mobile payment, what physical merchants need is not the upgrading of cash register equipment, but an innovation storm based on intelligent cash register equipment. The cashier is only one of many business links. It is more important to jump out of the cashier as a terminal than to do the terminal around the cashier. The practice of ptksai Technology Co. , Ltd. is more like making the cash register not the end of the transaction, but just the beginning, and thus making the smart cash register not a simple collection device, it has become an important tool for entities to build O2O closed-loop stores. The connected smart cash register promotes the Internet of physical stores and creates a smart store in the new era.
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