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Ptksai hotel passenger face recognition witness verification system has come to Henan

by:PTKSAI     2020-01-19
The hotel passenger face recognition certificate verification system has come to Henan technology to make the hotel more intelligent. Shenzhen ptksai technology has now become a reality in Henan. The small Editor of Henan hotel network experienced a face-brushing stay at JW Marriott Hotel in zhengzhou green space today. Just put the ID card into the face recognition self-certification system, in less than one second, the system quickly and accurately identifies whether the person is integrated, it not only saves check-in time but also improves the work efficiency of the front desk. When the small editor tried to check whether he could pass the authentication with his colleague's ID card, the system also quickly identified the non-personal ID card and displayed the corresponding voice prompt. It is understood that the manufacturer of this equipment has passed the Public Security certification and Hangzhou G20 has used and inspected it. & Uarr; When providing my ID card authentication, the system immediately reminds the relevant information and the comparison is successful! & Uarr; When providing non-personal ID card authentication, the system immediately reminds the comparison failure! For hotels, which need real-name authentication to enter, the Verification of people and certificates is basically carried out by means of manual visual identification, which affects the work efficiency on the one hand, moreover, it is easy to cause misoperation due to visual fatigue, so the accuracy of face recognition system is particularly important. The advanced face recognition system introduced by Marriott hotel has a recognition rate of 99% according to relevant sales personnel. Recently, Zhengzhou Greenland JW Marriott Hotel took the lead in introducing advanced face recognition system in the province, and it is also the first hotel in the province to use the face recognition system. According to the front office manager of Marriott hotel, this face recognition system has been popularized in southern hotels since the G20 summit in Hangzhou. Marriott ordered this batch of face brushing machines as early as a month ago, it was officially put into use at the front desk yesterday. The manager of the front office of the hotel also introduced to Xiao Bian that recently, due to the increasingly strict management of hotel occupancy by the Ministry of Public Security, relevant staff at the front desk of the hotel are required to check their identity cards, there must be an action of ID card and face comparison. On the one hand, the use of false identity cards to stay in hotels is eliminated, and on the other hand, the inspection of real name registration of identity cards is intensified in disguised form. This advanced face recognition system introduced by Marriott hotel uses instruments to help hotel front desk staff effectively identify the information on their ID cards and determine whether they are the same person through comparison of points. Through high technology, reduce the workload of the front desk, and at the same time solve the problem that I am my problem, effectively solve the problem of real-name authentication and witness integration when guests check in at the hotel, make it easier and faster for guests to check in. The front office manager of Marriott Hotel also said that the guests were very cooperative after the system was introduced yesterday, and the introduction of the system was of great benefit to both the hotel and the guests. When the front desk staff compares the face and ID card with the naked eye, it will inevitably cause the guests to have a resistance, thus reducing the quality of service. The introduction of the face brushing system not only greatly facilitates the staff to improve work efficiency, but also correspondingly reduces labor costs and improves the service quality of the hotel. In terms of the accuracy of the recognition technology, the face recognition rate of up to 99% is far more accurate and efficient than the naked eye, which is both time-saving and labor-saving. Hotel intelligence is the general trend in the future. Whether it is VR house selection or face recognition now, more scientific and technological attempts can really promote the intelligence of hotel industry management system and truly realize service upgrade.
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