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Ptksai information: Cloud store cash register: fondle admiringly mobile POS machine

by:PTKSAI     2020-01-14
The emergence of POS machine has realized the automatic transfer function of electronic funds. POS machine has the functions of supporting consumption, pre-authorization, balance inquiry and transfer, etc, it is installed in the special merchants and acceptance outlets of credit cards and connected with computers to form a network, which is safe, fast and reliable to use. As a multi-functional terminal, POS undoubtedly has an irreplaceable function. However, in the world of the internet, nothing can never be replaced. Recently, an APP cloud store cash register, because of its portability and ease of use, integrates all the functions of POS machines, incorporating the functions that the POS machine does not have, it is a mobile phone POS machine that you can't put it down after using it. The welcome interface of the cloud store cash register is very refreshing and clean, and the color is very comfortable. It is not only registration that can experience this mobile phone POS machine. The cash register in yundian stores has designed the role of tourists very humanely and can use APP without registration. The new version of the APP has added the function of computer Collection. Entering the main page of the software is that the computer is clear and clear. The amount of money collected today and the number of money collected today are separated on both sides and highlighted with easily identifiable orange color blocks. The overall interface settings are refreshing and stylish. The home page has four major sections: collecting money, business, exchanges, and discovery. In the section of collecting money, it is divided into two columns: the amount of money collected today and the number of money collected today. The data of the collection amount and the number of transactions on the day are directly displayed in these two columns, so that users can fully understand the sales status of the day as soon as they enter the software. Click on the amount of money collected today, and the history of money collection will be presented impressively: click on a certain history of money collection to enter, and the document details interface will be clear and clear at a glance. The calculator has been carefully designed by the designer. In addition to the necessary number keys and Operation keys, other unnecessary keys have been removed, which is simple and quick. When collecting money, perform corresponding calculations to accurately calculate the amount of money collected, * limit the error. Click the orange button to collect the money and collect the money immediately. This innovative function greatly improves the user's experience without using other computing tools. The details are increased, the efficiency is improved, and the user experience is greatly improved. Then select the corresponding collection method for collection, the picture shows the WeChat payment function. Scanning payment greatly improves efficiency. The following is the Alipay payment function. Entering the business section, as in the previous version, there are sales, purchase, account management, warehouse, statistics, inventory, return, and arrears, in addition to optimizing the functions of the previous versions, the new version of the software makes the details of the product clearer and simpler. For users, it is more efficient and comfortable to use. The exchange section still includes two major categories of customers and suppliers, with the same presentation form. Customer name, docking person, phone, click on the phone to call directly. Then there is the Discovery section. APP's special offer activities and other related functions are in this section, and this section contains face-to-face payment settings, embedded with the current * frontier Alipay and WeChat payment functions. Through the simple and neat evaluation of Xiaobian, I believe that the majority of users have a comprehensive understanding of the new version of the cloud store cash register. In terms of cash register, as many users have praised: the cash register in yundian is convenient and easy to use, it is a cash register that can be carried with you, and it is also a mobile POS machine. Users who have downloaded the cloud store cash register can update themselves and use a more convenient and easy-to-use new version. Those who have not yet downloaded the cloud store cash register can search and download in major application markets or go to the official download * version.
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