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Ptksai information: Data analysis of POS machine industry in third quarter of 2017

by:PTKSAI     2020-01-16
The third quarter of 2017 is over. What new changes have taken place in China's POS machine industry in this quarter? Everything is still based on facts and data. The following small Editor of China POS machine network will analyze the relevant data of POS machine industry in third quarter of 2017 to provide reliable data reference for industry enterprises and users. I. Analysis of keyword pageviews after statistical collation, the top five internet keyword pageviews in the POS industry in third quarter of 2017 are: POS, intelligent POS machine, POS machine Forum, POS machine scam, and collection POS machine. Among them, POS is the word of page views *, even exceeding the sum of the other four keyword page views. Compared with the second quarter, the number of smart POS machine views increased by about 6 percentage points; In addition, POS machine Forum and POS machine scam continue to be the top five keywords of page views, while Collection POS machine has become the new keywords this quarter. Analysis of China's POS network: POS has become a vocabulary of views, indicating that the whole industry is still paying high attention to POS and the development prospect of POS industry is still good. Among them, the number of intelligent POS views has increased, mainly because the intelligent POS machine has gradually replaced the traditional POS machine with single function as the development trend of the POS machine industry due to its more perfect functions. Take the third quarter as an example, many enterprises have successively released new intelligent POS products, such as New World and shangmi, which have received extensive attention from POS machine industry. It is worth mentioning that the collection POS machine has become a new keyword in this quarter, and it is also a reflection of the trend of the times. The reason is that with the introduction of new retail concepts, online and offline integration has become the main trend, as a key connection point for online and offline transactions, the POS machine has naturally become a new favorite in the industry. In the third quarter, many companies have followed the trend to release new products of smart cash registers, such as LianDi commercial, Yi Jietong, and Ke Ruyun, it is expected that the future will be more and more favored by catering, retail and other industries. II. Analysis of the source of customers from the source of customers, the top five source of customers in the POS industry are: Guangdong province, Henan province, Jiangsu province, Beijing city and Zhejiang province. These source places occupy almost all the major sources of customers, it is the main enterprise and user Source of POS machine industry, with Guangdong, Jiangsu and other developed southeast coastal areas dominating. Compared with the statistical results of the second quarter, the top five have hardly changed. Analysis of China's POS machine network: coastal areas have more advantages than inland provinces in terms of economy, transportation, manpower and material resources. Therefore, they have always been the advantages for POS machine development, it is also a gathering place for POS industry enterprises and high-end technicians. In addition, it is precisely because of the more developed economy in these areas that people living in these areas are generally more educated, more open-minded, and more willing to use POS machines to swipe their cards for consumption, and then drive the development of POS machines. In the future, there is still much room for development in inland areas, and the development of POS machine industry also needs the coastal area to drive inland development. Third, age analysis from the age analysis, we can see that the age of industry users in third quarter of 2017 is mainly concentrated in 20-29 years old, accounting for 29. 80%; Secondly, 10-19 and 30- The 39-year-old population also accounted for a relatively high proportion, 26. 70% and 25. 70%. It can be seen from this that the current users of POS machine industry are still mainly young and middle-aged. Compared with the second quarter, this statistical result is not much different. China POS network analysis: 20- The 29-year-old young people either just left school to join the society or are in the stage of career improvement. They are generally young, passionate, energetic, and full of ideals and ambitions, therefore, they are more willing to try or join the POS industry at this age. Especially with the popularization of intelligent POS, there is still much room for development in the POS industry, which is exactly what they are optimistic about. And 10- The majority of 19-year-old users are mainly related to their younger age, more open-minded and more willing to accept the new thing of credit card consumption. 30- 39-year-old users account for a large proportion, mainly because most users of this age group have certain social status, industry experience and resources, and are the main leaders and boosting forces in the industry. IV. Academic qualifications analysis from the academic qualifications analysis, it can be seen that the majority of users in POS machine industry are high school and junior high school, accounting for 33% and 36% respectively, followed by undergraduate and college qualifications, they accounted for 12% and 11% respectively. Analysis of China's POS machine network: the entry threshold for the POS machine industry is relatively low. Therefore, many people with low academic qualifications are willing to join the industry and become business personnel or distributors and agents of enterprises. But at the same time, this is also the main reason for the large income gap among employees. Due to inconsistent abilities, it is easy to see those who earn more than yuan per month and those who earn only several thousand yuan per month. Some people are optimistic, some people feel that they can't do it. In fact, no matter what industry, there are good or bad things. The key is to look at personal efforts. For this reason, POS industry practitioners can't give up learning even if they have low academic qualifications to enhance their core competitiveness. Summary: Through the analysis of the number of keywords viewed, source of tourists, age and educational background of POS machine industry in third quarter of 2017, we know that the development prospect of POS machine industry in China is still bright. Take inland areas as an example, there is still much room for development, especially with the popularization of intelligent POS machines and intelligent cash registers, more demand will be triggered, thus driving the development of the industry. In addition, POS machine industry, as a younger industry, needs more young and promising young people to drive the innovation and development of the whole industry in the future.
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