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Ptksai information do you think Internet POS is just a WeChat payment merchant cash register-PTKSAI English

Ptksai information do you think Internet POS is just a WeChat payment merchant cash register?

by:PTKSAI     2019-12-18
WeChat payment is indeed a fire. WeChat payment has 0. 4 billion users in just two or three years and is still developing rapidly. However, Alipay has only 0. 8 billion registered users in more than 10 years, with about 0. 3 billion to active users, while Alipay app has only users. 0. 9 billion, already behind WeChat payment. WeChat is Tencent's mobile Internet ticket and is a super APP. It has great imagination because its user base is too large to exceed 0. 7 billion. Moreover, the quality of users is very high and distributed all over the world. No APP in China can catch up with its level. WeChat, riding on the air of mobile Internet, has more imagination than QQ in the PC era. At present, foreign investment institutions have valued WeChat at 64 billion US dollars, or nearly 400 billion RMB. WeChat payment is an important part of WeChat ecology. It can realize the commercial closed loop of WeChat; Without it, the power of WeChat will be reduced by half. When the WeChat team promoted WeChat payment, it was a painstaking effort to understand the human nature. The function of stealing red envelopes has been launched on WeChat, which is an essential thing for Chinese people at festivals. During the night of its launch, the number of users of WeChat payment exceeded 0. 1 billion, and users also learned that WeChat still has payment, and the experience is perfect. Moreover, WeChat payment is matched with WeChat public number to make it easier for businesses to absorb powder and make it easier for users to make payment and purchase. This has also greatly promoted the popularization of WeChat payment and improved the ecology of WeChat. WeChat payment platform needs third-party tools to realize O2O closed-loop WeChat is a platform, and it will not be officially equipped with a tool, so a third party is needed to provide tools. Zhang Bei is the supplier of this tool, perfecting this platform from the perspective of POS machine and completing the * Final closed loop of mobile payment. From the perspective of mobile payment, POS machine is an important entry point for merchants O2O. In the operation of physical stores, POS machines are the basic tools for completing transactions. Because it is the core link of merchant operation, it can become the data center of the whole store, that is, the center of capital flow, product flow and customer management flow. Therefore, it is an excellent entry point to use POS machine as a data center to intervene in mobile payment and start O2O. After more and more people use electronic payment, how can the whole store adapt to this situation? Am I going to buy a WeChat POS machine, have a new payment tomorrow, and then I will buy another POS machine? We believe that in this era, which is not only centered on UnionPay credit card, a tool is needed to integrate all payment channels. Like Palm shell can support credit card, cash payment, WeChat payment and so on. The Internet POS machine was born under the above background. In addition, what can it do for merchants and what functions can it realize? Our understanding is that under the environment of physical store O2O, the following functions are needed: *, fusion collection. No matter what kind of payee, can support. Cash can be recorded, credit card or WeChat, Alipay payment, QR code payment, cash bookkeeping, can support, through the integration of collection to help businesses to meet the needs of different customers. Second, it is necessary to have the function of card marketing. Membership cards and coupons are still * effective secondary marketing tools in physical stores. But the original way was to rely on physical cards. Now, everyone has their own ID and electronic account number. We can store, distribute and spread all the cards electronically to more people through the online platform. Third, it has the function of O2O integrated message. Merchants need an online window to accept orders. Internet POS machines should connect these windows. As soon as the orders for these platforms come, the Internet POS machine will prompt the store order. Merchants no longer need to constantly refresh the website, just receive a reminder from the POS machine and then respond. Fourth, to give businesses their own platform. No matter how much effect * will bring, at least let the merchant have the initiative. For example, WeChat's micro-mall or take-out point center based on public accounts allows merchants to direct part of the physical store's traffic to the public number, which has a certain possibility of operation, and not completely kidnapped by the platform. Fifth, all the previous data are precipitated to generate big data. After the merchant generates a lot of consumption, running water and card voucher data in a year, he needs to use these data to prepare the data base for new marketing activities.
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