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Ptksai information: does the customer really want to scan the order Or do you not understand custome English

Ptksai information: does the customer really want to scan the order? Or do you not understand customers at all

by:PTKSAI     2019-12-19
This morning, I was in a small powder shop. The boss talked to me about a shared bicycle parked at the door, full of praise, an old man in his 50 s, what he said in his mouth was that it was too convenient for the Internet to quickly change people's way of life. Taobao used it for 6 years, Didi used it for 2 years, and shared bicycles for less than a year. In these changes, the two-dimensional fire is also doing one thing, that is, making the scan code order a restaurant lifestyle. A simple scan code ordering action, there are too many keywords behind it: food and beverage industry pain points, product design user experience, system technical network support ······ In order to better assist the merchants to do a good job of scanning the order, I also made a product manager (Amateur). Scan code order as an Internet product. 1 while solving the pain points of merchants, it is also necessary to meet the needs of consumers and solve the pain points of consumers. The interactive design of scanning code ordering has a friendly and convenient user experience. In response to these two questions, I did a simple user survey. Then I asked questions from two aspects: encouraging demand and restraining demand. It can be seen from the above that scanning the code and ordering the food gives the customer the entrance to order the food quickly, which is illustrated with pictures and texts, making the choice more convenient and serving the food faster. It solves the problem that the waiter can't be called everywhere when the customer orders. According to the answer to the suppression of demand, scanning and ordering products must solve the influencing factors that inhibit consumers' use barriers. Solution solution1 product article two-dimensional fire system, as the current scan code ordering * professional mature system. Different from other systems, scanning code ordering does not need to pay attention to the public number, does not need to download app, and the process of scanning code ordering is fast and convenient, at the same time, the consumer does not need to enter the mobile phone number, name and table number, which reduces the Operation link and relieves the customer's fear of revealing privacy. Two-dimensional fire has incomparable advantages over most systems in product interaction experience. 2 Content article the so-called content article is to improve the content of the scan code order page, * the basic is to upload the food picture in time, the menu with pictures and pictures, customers prefer. The copywriting design of the scan code table sticker can be more interesting and better to help customers complete the order. The restaurant can send some time-sharing or single-item coupons in the background. In human nature, interests are the internal driving force that cannot be underestimated. When they see or hear the discount for scanning and ordering meals, more willing to scan the code to order. There are many key settings in the background of the two-dimensional fire scan code ordering page, in order to simplify the process page for consumers to scan code ordering. New store, it is recommended to turn off the member recharge page, as well as the intelligent push interface. For this point, I feel when I am doing user observation and role playing. The member recharge page interferes with the order, and the intelligent push food interferes with the order. Users are prone to confusion and dare not operate. Of course, if there are more repeat customers in the restaurant, you can open it and assist the restaurant to increase the unit price of members and guests. Because the customer has used several times to scan the order, he is no longer afraid of making a mistake. 4 Operations customers are affected by the suppression of demand before they use the two-dimensional fire scan code to order. They are worried about scanning the code to pay attention to the public number, downloading the app, slow page loading, cumbersome process and so on. So there is a sense of psychological resistance. Therefore, the guidance of the waiter becomes very important at this time. In the past, when our operators trained the waiters, they mainly asked the waiters to tell the guests--Sweep the code and order the food faster. Then after the user survey, our training for Waiters has changed. When the waiter guides the scan code to order the meal, it is necessary to stimulate the customer's incentive demand and eliminate the customer's suppression demand. Many restaurant waiters are highly mobile, and the restaurant training lags behind, in order to improve the guidance ability of the waiter. We made a poster of guiding language and posted it to the waiter's workshop so that they could read these words every day. As soon as the new employees came, they learned these words from the poster. WIFI is standard in restaurants. The quality of WIFI in restaurants is a key indicator of customers' dining experience. Even the preparation of charging equipment for customers has been included in the work schedule of many restaurants to improve the customer experience. Scanning Code ordering requires network support. If 4G network is good, page loading is fast. When the restaurant is doing network coverage, it is recommended to apply for optical fiber according to the relative number of people eating at the table to ensure that the network can ensure that everyone can access the internet normally when the restaurant is full.
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