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Ptksai information: eat and sign in, colleges and universities begin to 'brush your face'

by:PTKSAI     2020-01-14
Brush face to eat this year, the second canteen of Zhejiang University Yuquan campus has been newly renovated, and the addition of high-tech such as accurate measurement and brush face payment will also enhance the dining experience of teachers and students. The specific operation of the face payment function is as follows: 1. At the face recognition registration machine at the entrance of the restaurant on the second floor, brush your face and bind your campus card (Just once); 2. In the restaurant, brush your face, take the plate, take the meal, eat, and pay for the whole process; 3. Open WeChat applet to obtain real-time dining data. The head of Zhejiang University logistics group said that Zhejiang University logistics WeChat platform integrates the service functions of online mobile terminals of all units of the group. Teachers and students can use the unified identity authentication in the school to order meals online to realize electronic payment; The system also realizes the real-time linkage between the order information and the kitchen background to guide the kitchen processing and distribution process. The precise measurement, self-service settlement and face-brushing payment used in the canteen are all part of the intelligent logistics, which meet the needs of teaching and research and the life of teachers and students, it is also a new attempt and new method for the school in the construction of Double. In the era of artificial intelligence registration, online registration and on-site verification have been outdated. In the autumn of 2017, Beijing Normal University, Beijing University of Science and Technology and other schools tried to brush their faces. Standing in front of the big screen in the main building Square of Beijing Normal University, when the camera captures the facial expression of the new student and takes a photo, and compares it with the database, that is, the registration of the new student is completed, only two seconds before and after. At the same time, the photos were sent to the students' mobile phones through WeChat public numbers, with names, classes, student numbers, departments and 201 ×Year ×Yue× Photos of the new students of Beijing Normal University can also be printed on the spot. In addition, today's face sign-in does not require a unified organization of students to collect on-site pictures, which greatly reduces the time cost and improves efficiency. Students can complete personal information registration by scanning the two-dimensional code, entering their name and student number, and uploading their photos to the cloud. After that, students can sign in at the second level before class as long as they stay in front of the teacher's mobile device for one second, and the recognition rate is very high. Face brushing can be used to compare and identify entrances and exits in the entrance and exit of University campus apartments or libraries. On 2017, Beijing Normal University also launched a face recognition system in all student apartments. A total of 44 wall-mounted person Card checking machines were set up in 19 apartments. Students entered four digits after the student number or brushed the student card and then brushed their faces, open the Door 2 seconds after the check is successful. If there are many people entering at the same time, there are cameras inside the apartment, which can be dynamically identified twice. Once outsiders are found to be mixed, they will be marked with red circles to remind the apartment management personnel. ] In the past, Aunt suguan knew which students could enter the dormitory, but she did not know which students did not return to the dormitory. If there is such a face brushing system, you can know everyone's entry and exit records and facilitate supervision. University dormitory to achieve face-to-face sign-in to ensure the safety of students.
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