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Ptksai information: Evolutionary history of POS cash registers

by:PTKSAI     2019-12-19
Basic cash register: it can't be connected to the Internet, but it can manage multiple parts. There are many kinds of stored goods and the cost performance is very low, but the product still can't meet the needs of users. Networked cash register: after this kind of cash register is launched into the market, it can not only operate on a single machine but also connect to the internet. It is suitable for use with chain stores and can not only manage multiple departments, you can also find out the sales situation of other branches according to the network in the head office, and you can also use simple equipment such as printers and scanning guns, this product was soon favored by users. However, after a long period of use, the applicability of such cash registers is becoming narrower and narrower. All walks of life have different functional requirements for cash registers, which requires different operating systems, while the first two types of electronic cash registers obviously cannot better meet the market demand. Therefore, engineers have introduced the third type of cash register products, which are now often called POS cash registers and POS cash registers: the hardware used in this product is the basic accessories commonly used in computers, which can not only be connected to the Internet, it can also install different cash register system software according to different industries, can connect a variety of networks, has a wide range of use environment and strong anti-interference ability, and the software system can be written and designed according to the needs of users. O2O special cash register: this kind of product is an upgraded version of ordinary POS machine. For example, ECOPLUS Android dual-screen cash register uses Freescale I. MX6 Dual-core GPU, with strong performance, improves performance by 100% compared with single-core products. Adopt the industry-leading 5-wire resistance screen and deeply customize and optimize Android 4. 2. 2 operating system, the operation sensitivity is higher, faster, the whole machine runs faster, the system runs more stably, the scalability is stronger, and the user experience is better. The second screen can play multimedia advertisements at the cashier to attract customers. Let the data science speak out and make the supply chain more efficient. In the retail store, two shop assistants are discussing a cigarette anti-adjustment package guidance article pushed by Suzhou tobacco WeChat public platform. Middle June, enter the rainy season. On this day, Zhang Xiuying, the owner of Erlong tobacco hotel in Gusu district of Suzhou, opened WeChat and saw an article on cigarette moisture-proof tips on the public platform of Suzhou tobacco WeChat. After a while, the account manager Tang Weizhen came to the store, Zhang Xiuying smiled and greeted: I am considering how to prevent moisture, your guidance information will come, too timely! According to the method introduced in the article, Zhang Xiuying rearranged the cigarettes with Tang Weifeng's help. The WeChat platform will not only push the guiding content such as business skills, true and false smoke identification, anti-fraud guidelines, but also provide each retail customer with a 'customer business analysis report'. Zhang Xuefei, director of the customer service department of the marketing center, said that while conducting online guidance, the customer manager further strengthened offline visits to make the service more intimate and thoughtful. Not only that, Suzhou municipal Bureau (Company) It also provides customers with more convenient and fast WeChat ordering service. At present, nearly 10 thousand customers in the city have used WeChat to place orders, accounting for about 1/3 of the total number of customers. Suzhou municipal Bureau (Company) Fully consider the differentiated needs of different customer groups and provide more characteristic personalized services for the three groups of workers, zero and consumer. During the interview, Liu Ling, the marketing representative of Jiangsu Zhongyan Industry Co. , Ltd. in Suzhou, gave a demonstration to the reporter. Using the exclusive industrial code, she logs in to the inquiry system, and the interface displays the order information, commercial inventory, sales details, and 9 status indicators. Last week ,'Nanjing'(Rain Flower Stone) The sales rate was 65%, the order was 99%, and the price index was 100. 7. It belongs to the premium level. Generally speaking, the market is in good condition. Next, we will increase the amount of supply and delivery. Liu Ling also noticed that Nanjing (Red building volume)The repurchase rate declined and the status score decreased. She said she would work with Suzhou municipal Bureau (Company)Communicate and negotiate and make corresponding adjustments. In order to promote the deep integration of the Internet and marketing, on last November, Jiangsu Tobacco Monopoly Bureau (Company) , Jiangsu Zhongyan, Guangxi Zhongyan Industry Co. , Ltd. , Suzhou municipal Bureau (Company) Jointly held a seminar to Take Suzhou as a pilot to explore the construction of a modern Internet + marketing system for industry and commerce. At present, Suzhou municipal Bureau (Company) A functional data interconnection platform is being built. In the future, consumers can scan the two-dimensional code of Guangxi Zhongyan and Jiangsu Zhongyan to realize the storage of consumption information.
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