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Ptksai information: face recognition technology is 'highly favored' in the 'face-looking' era'

by:PTKSAI     2020-01-18
Due to the increasing security requirements of banks, face recognition technology has received more and more attention from banks and other financial institutions, and major banks have laid out face recognition technology one after another. In this era of looking at faces, face recognition technology is becoming more and more popular. Policy Helps face payment on May 2015, the People's Bank of China issued 'guidance on remote opening of RMB accounts by banking financial institutions (Draft for comments) ', Which officially clarified the principle of counter-based and remote-assisted, and opened a window for face recognition applications. Recently, the central bank urgently issued detailed rules for the classified management of personal bank accounts, the notice provides detailed information on the opening, change, cancellation, personal information verification methods, video and face recognition of Class II and III accounts, as well as the functions and restrictions of different accounts. regulations, in principle, users are advised to use these two types of accounts for online payment and mobile payment services, and banks are encouraged to carry out host-based card simulation (HCE), Mobile phone security unit (SE), Payment tagging (Tokenization)And other technologies of mobile payment services. The technical verification method in the remote account opening process is favorable to relevant parties of technologies and equipment such as face recognition. According to the notification rules, conditional banks can use safe and effective technical means such as video or face recognition as a way to assist in verifying personal identity information. The application history of face recognition in domestic financial industry in 2015, Ma Yun used face recognition technology in Germany, just scanning his face with his mobile phone. In a few seconds, I bought a 1948 Hannover commemorative stamp from Taobao. Ma Yun's face-brushing payment not only successfully demonstrated the innovation capability of Chinese Internet enterprises to the world, but also directly upgraded the technical competition of mobile payment to the face-brushing era. In May 2015, Jiangsu Bank took the lead in applying face recognition to the customer authentication system of direct selling banks in the country. When customers register their direct selling bank electronic accounts, they only need to follow the system prompts on the authentication page, the registration certificate can be completed after the specified actions such as nodding and opening the mouth are made in the view frame displayed on the screen of the mobile phone. At the beginning of 2016, Jiangsu Bank further promoted face recognition technology in the whole jurisdiction. All physical outlets officially launched face brushing technology, which is mainly used to assist account opening, network verification and portrait comparison, it has taken a breakthrough step in the application of face recognition. In November 2016, China Merchants Bank's handheld Life App also launched the face recognition function, but the face recognition function is currently only applied in some functions, soon users of palm life will be able to log in, manage quota, check and repay accounts and other functions through face recognition. After years of painstaking research and development, ptksai has successfully launched a face capture comparison system, a face retrieval system and a video post-retrieval system (Face) And a series of application systems based on face recognition technology. These systems mainly adopt face detection algorithm, face tracking algorithm, face quality scoring algorithm and face recognition algorithm with independent intellectual property rights; It is a system specially designed for personnel monitoring, investigation and retrieval. It is a new comprehensive application of video analysis, motion tracking, face detection and recognition technology in the security field. As a face recognition industrialization company, the president of Kuang Shi technology once said that voice recognition helps equipment solve the problem of understanding people's language, and visual information helps equipment solve the problem of understanding people, in all visual information, face information is information * and * valuable. Kuang Shi launched the financial internet authentication service FaceID in 2015, which mainly applies remote authentication on the online mobile terminal, however, face recognition in this authentication scenario requires a 1:1 comparison between the end user's face and the certificate. Mobile application developers can integrate the FaceID authentication system SDK into their own Android or iOS platform. After users authorize to turn on the camera to take photos and upload certificates during the use of the program, the system will use OCR recognition technology and face recognition technology to extract ID information and face photos for comparison, and quickly and safely help users complete face login, electronic account opening, loan application, and password retrieval. The prosperity of in-depth learning has directly promoted the rapid development of face recognition technology. The competition among face recognition technology companies in the field of security monitoring is becoming increasingly fierce and each move is unique. Green deep pupil uses the patented technology of dynamic instantaneous pixel distribution to instantly increase the effective pixels of the local picture by more than 0. 2 billion times, and the overall picture can reach equivalent pixels, clear recognizable faces within 100, body features within 200, and vehicle information. In addition to supporting its own face and vehicle recognition system and providing an overall solution, the deep pupil Human Eye camera is also compatible with mainstream third-party face recognition and vehicle recognition systems. Summary: In recent years, the surging face recognition technology also implies that many enterprises have high hopes for its market. As the darling of major banks, face recognition technology not only improves the traditional work efficiency, but also ensures safety. However, face recognition also has its own limitations: changes in light conditions, different camera positions, masks/sunglasses and other attachments will have a certain impact on the results of face recognition. Therefore, different application scenarios still need different biometric technologies to support.
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