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Ptksai information: mobile phone access control helps upgrade the access control visitor system of h English

Ptksai information: mobile phone access control helps upgrade the access control visitor system of high-end office buildings

by:PTKSAI     2020-01-10
Access control visitor management has always been a headache for office buildings. In order to do a good job in the safety of building access, the property often has to invest a considerable amount of manpower and material resources, asking, registering and identifying visitors is not only time-consuming and laborious, but also easy to label yourself unfriendly. However, even so, it is still difficult for traditional visitor management methods to truly meet the requirements of high-end office buildings for safety, efficiency and good experience. With the increasing popularity of smart phones, the rapid development of mobile Internet technology has brought a rare opportunity to upgrade the office entrance guard visitor system, and the mobile phone entrance guard visitor system came into being. Sweep the two-dimensional code to pass through, and the higher-end visitor experience mobile phone is the access card. Open the APP and brush the two-dimensional code at the access gate to open the door; When a guest visits, the owner directly uses APP to generate a two-dimensional code pass and sends it to the other party via WeChat or SMS, thus eliminating a series of tedious procedures such as front desk registration and even directly going upstairs on a mobile phone call. Such a humanized system not only meets the requirements of convenient access for people, but also provides a high-end atmosphere of wisdom experience. No wonder it has been favored by many top office buildings. According to the person in charge of the cloud technology that provides the technology, this set of intelligent access control visitor system solutions for high-end office buildings has received great attention in the market since its launch, in less than a year, the order opened the door and won the bid for a number of high-end office buildings including Shenzhen's new landmark China energy storage building, which has become the standard of the top office entrance guard visitor system. In addition, in view of the high-end needs of Office customers, the mobile phone access control visitor system also links VIP services and visitors holding two-dimensional code passes, you can directly brush the code to park your car in the underground garage; After the visitors in the lobby on the first floor sweep the code and pass the gate, there will also be a special elevator to meet them directly and send them to the designated floor; However, the electronic large screen with the function of welcoming guests will have a carefully prepared welcome language when visitors brush the code. This service-oriented approach will not only enable visiting customers to enjoy a distinguished visiting experience, it also reflects the wisdom of office buildings. The cost of property management has dropped by more than. The application of mobile phone access control makes the user experience more intelligent and honorable, but this does not mean any relaxation in the security work of people entering and leaving the building. In fact, the use of the mobile phone access control visitor system to move the property's review of visitor information from the front desk to the background, this approach can directly reduce the number of front desk staff, save property operating costs, in addition, people in the building do not have to go downstairs to pick up the guests, making the whole building more smooth, greatly improving the management efficiency of the property and the safety of the building. Statistics on the projects that have been applied show that the office buildings that use the intelligent access control visitor solution can improve the work efficiency by 10 ~ 30%, the number of service desk managers decreased by as much as 30%. Predictably, with the increasing demand for office experience, more and more properties will choose mobile phone access control as the preferred intelligent access control upgrade scheme, the increase in this voice is not only due to the excellent experience of opening the door for mobile phones, but also because it conforms to the development trend of paperless society and mobile Internet. 1
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