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Ptksai information: WeChat online brush face to stay, only 30 seconds to stay in the hotel-PTKSAI-im English

Ptksai information: WeChat online 'brush face to stay', only 30 seconds to stay in the hotel!

by:PTKSAI     2020-01-12
Boundary movement Report: unconsciously, the eight-day long holiday will pass like this, and people who choose to go out to play will have a great harvest. Of course, everyone's travel is to do a good job in advance, such as booking a hotel in advance. As we all know, it takes a lot of procedures to stay in the hotel and it takes time to go through the formalities. This is not the case. WeChat has done a big thing for this. It only takes 30 seconds to brush your face to stay in the hotel! As soon as the news came out, netizens blasted the pot and spoke bluntly about Ma Huateng's big trick thief 6. Some people also asked where they could experience this face-brushing service. So, how does WeChat operate when it comes to staying in a hotel? According to reports, WeChat officially cooperated with the hotel earlier to build WeChat ecological hotel. As the name implies, there are many operations in the hotel that are done by WeChat. For example, you can use the WeChat applet to book a room and use WeChat to scan the code to pay the room. Recently, WeChat officially announced a new WeChat eco-hotel program, which was upgraded on the basis of the previous one. * The focus is on the introduction of face recognition, just brush your face and you can stay. Want to know, in the process of traditional hotel operation, there will also be problems such as identity registration errors and long queues during peak hours. Now with Tencent's intervention, traditional hotels are undergoing a new upgrade. After the user completes the reservation through the WeChat applet and the public number, he comes to the hotel front desk and can complete the identity verification by brushing his face. As a result, originally, it took about 15 minutes to check in, which was greatly shortened to 30 seconds. On the one hand, it makes the hotel more worry-free and the management more scientific and orderly, on the other hand, it also brings faster service to customers. Of course, when people cheer for this convenient service, some people also ask how safe such a face-brushing technology is? This face recognition technology was set up by Tencent youtu in conjunction with relevant departments. It has been connected with the data of the public security system, with high recognition and high reliability. * Access to WeChat's face brushing application is the Overseas Chinese Town Hotel. According to hotel insiders, as of September this year, more than 84% customers had completed their face brushing, and this measure also saved 80% of the workload for the front desk staff of hotel. Other functions of WeChat also help the ecological construction of the hotel. WeChat officials also said that they will join more small partners in the future to provide complete ecological solutions for more hotel scenes and continue to promote the wisdom upgrade of the entire industry. In other words, in the future we will see more WeChat brush face to stay in the eco hotel! Ali took the lead in launching face-brushing payment and face-brushing. I have to say that the face-brushing application will indeed bring a lot of surprises. In fact, before Tencent WeChat launched face brushing, Ali had already launched two face brushing services. At the beginning of September, Alipay took the lead in paying face at kfc kprp restaurant, which is the world's first commercial pilot of personal face recognition technology. The entire payment process takes only 10 seconds, and such black technology makes the foodies very shocking. Then on September 14, Alipay and Cainiao Logistics announced that they would try to pick up their faces in Shanghai's express delivery cabinet, which is the second commercial use of face brushing technology. This makes the handcuffs party ecstatic, because just put the face to the screen to open the box, and only 5 seconds! It reduces the cumbersome process of forgetting to bring a mobile phone or entering a verification code. It is worth mentioning that the actions of the internet giants have always been the target. Now Ma Yun's Alipay online brush face is in front, Ma Huateng's WeChat online brush face is behind, it can be seen that the application of brushing the face is very likely to be a big direction in the future! It is possible that in the near future, more people will brush their faces, and only one face will be enough to go out in the future! What do you think?
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