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Ptksai information: WeChat reservation smart visitor solution

by:PTKSAI     2020-01-11
WeChat booking self-service visitors the internet has brought earth-shaking changes to our lives. WeChat, as an important product under the Internet, has narrowed the distance between people. WeChat has gradually become a widely used way of communication. Using WeChat reservation self-service visitor system, visitors only need to log in to the public number through WeChat and submit an application for WeChat reservation visit on the visitor page, the interviewee can receive the application for visiting reminder in real time on the mobile phone Wechat, and can choose to refuse or accept according to his own situation, and handle the visiting information at any time. After the visitor's application is approved, the visitor can check the person's card on the self-service visitor on the visitor's WeChat appointment, scan the electronic QR code visitor list, scan the registration, and also check the person's card verification gate, visit. After the visit, the visitor can automatically sign off by scanning the electronic visitor list. The intelligent management of the whole process of visitors has greatly improved the efficiency of visitor management. 1. Log in to the WeChat public number of the visited unit, fill in the appointment information 2, improve the appointment information item by item, click submit 3, and the appointment is successful, waiting for the interviewee to confirm 4. The interviewee receives the visiting reminder on WeChat in real time. 5. The interviewee chooses to accept or reject according to his own situation. 6. After the interviewee confirms, the visitor's mobile phone, after receiving feedback, if you agree to the reception, the system generates a two-dimensional code 7. Visitors can use the scanned visitor two-dimensional code to conduct self-service visitor Intelligent visitors. According to the actual needs of visitor registration in various units, the system independently develops an intelligent visitor system, the visitor system server adopts B/S architecture, the visitor terminal integrates a variety of intelligent card equipment, and uses a handwritten touch screen or wireless mouse and mouse to realize quick operation; It makes the traditional visitor registration more convenient and faster, and the personnel in and out are safer and more reliable. All registration information is left in the whole process. The system truly unifies personnel, certificates and photos. It realizes the functions of door registration, hierarchical management, record query, report summary, etc. Can efficiently record, store, query and summarize relevant information of visitors. The 1-person certificate verification and rapid registration system uses WeChat to make appointments, issue temporary cards, print visitor lists, and register for entry. By brushing the second-generation ID card to automatically read the information, scanning the first-generation and second-generation cards, Hong Kong and Macao passes, passport automatic identification information, etc. without manual input, to achieve rapid registration. On-site photo portrait collection. Quickly find the interviewee department, register the reasons for the visit, vehicles, belongings, etc. 2 when the smart sign-off detention reminder leaves, the departure place and time can be recorded, and the number of carrying items and peers can be quickly queried. Reminder of stranded personnel or access timeout personnel.
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