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Ptksai intelligent integrated POS machine, let you experience a different way of life!

by:PTKSAI     2020-01-19
Ptksai intelligent integrated POS machine, let you experience a different way of life! Nowadays, many industries in the society are undergoing subversive changes, and POS machine industry is no exception; With the increasing diversification of consumption patterns, Shenzhen ptksai Technology Co. , Ltd. has launched a mobile phone POS machine, which has entered the eyes of the Chinese people with a strong brand image and has become the first choice for POS machines, it completely subverts the traditional POS machine product market, represents the * level of the mobile phone POS machine industry, also leads the industry to take the lead, and will jointly develop the market with people of insight in the industry. The POS machine of ptksai intelligent all-in-one machine has experienced a different life. 1. Diversification 1. Acceptance methods are diversified. In addition to magnetic stripe transactions, contact IC card transactions and non-connection transactions, biometric identification methods such as two-dimensional codes and fingerprints have also begun to emerge; Ptksai intelligent integrated machine POS machine experience different life intelligent integrated POS machine 2, cross-industry, cross-terminal development trend; 3. The diversification of payment scenarios is an intuitive embodiment of the diversified development of POS. Ptksai intelligent all-in-one POS machine experience a different kind of life. 2. Intelligence 1. Intelligence * intuitive embodiment lies in the change of operating system. With the application of intelligent operating system on personal mobile phones and tablet computers, POS terminals can also use customized intelligent operating systems, support flexible operating interfaces, and can be connected to trusted and secure external devices; Intelligent integrated POS machine 2. Intelligent POS will provide * Identification and have the ability of active risk identification and management in security; Ptksai intelligent all-in-one POS machine experiences a different life 3. Intelligent POS will provide data services that were not available or insufficient in the past. Intelligent integrated POS machine mobile POS machine is a newly developed portable POS machine! Not only all the functions of ordinary POS machines, but also all the functions of mobile phones! 1. Financial Management Group: besides spending credit cards, you must have the impulse to add value ( Buy stocks, buy precious metals, buy funds, buy wealth management) This is good, the individual can also handle the POS machine, you have a simple financial management method, you need to brush at any time, the deduction rate is only one percentage point. Ptksai smart one machine POS machine experience a different life 2, Moonlight family: temporary rescue, I believe that credit cards provide you with great convenience, if you can have a good, national *, greatly reduce your consumption costs. Intelligent integrated pos machine 3, small merchants: it is difficult to apply for fixed-line pos, so that you miss the credit card customer, now you can have a mobile phone pos in 5 minutes, earning * business opportunities. Intelligent integrated POS machine
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