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Ptksai intelligent security era

by:PTKSAI     2020-01-19
With the development of the times, people from all walks of life are paying more and more attention to and investing in public safety. The security industry has ushered in new development opportunities. The industrial ecology is increasingly rich and active, all kinds of new technologies are also constantly changing and reshaping the industry in which we live. We can perceive the development and progress of the whole industry every day. Ptksai Smart Security era, from the industrial policy, the country continues to promote the rural discerning project, the construction of safe China will further speed up. According to the 13th Five-Year Plan, by 2020, China will basically realize the public security video networking application of global coverage, network sharing, full-time availability and full control. At the same time, security has broad development prospects in the fields of intelligent transportation and intelligent parks. From the perspective of market demand, as more and more video data are connected to the security system, new requirements are put forward for the security system, such as supporting the access management of tens of millions of cameras, the distribution, storage, and scheduling of massive video data, portrait capture, comparison, video structuring, and intelligent analysis of Graph Search. In the era of ptksai intelligent security, from the perspective of technological development, the gradual maturity and in-depth application of artificial intelligence, cloud computing, 4K ultra-high definition and other technologies will lead the security industry to upgrade in an all-round way, the security system has the characteristics of large capacity, high performance, distribution, flexibility and intelligence, and is fully moving towards the era of artificial intelligence. In the era of ptksai intelligent security, from the perspective of market development trend, the growth rate of security industry is slowing down, the market tends to be saturated, the products of major security manufacturers are seriously homogeneous, and the competition is becoming more and more fierce. It is urgent to find new development opportunities, the arrival of AI just provides such an opportunity. As security continues to move towards intelligence, AI will be fully integrated into all aspects of security in the future, leading security into an era of full intelligence. The initial construction of the platform has been completed, and the market has entered the reshuffle period. Under the background of a large number of intelligent security equipment installations, massive security data are continuously generated, and various security manufacturers have successively launched intelligent security solutions, therefore, it is also necessary to integrate the software platform and its supporting hardware equipment. With the maturity of security monitoring applications, the technical standards and development interfaces of various platforms are becoming more and more unified. Security head manufacturers take the lead in establishing a solution platform, security platforms such as Aliyun and tesian have been built, and long tail enterprises are further compatible with standards, thus pushing the industry into maturity, however, enterprises that cannot stand firm in technology, capital and business model will be quickly eliminated by the market. Ptksai Smart Security Era article link: China security exhibition Network http://www . Afzhan. Com/news/detail/69136. Html
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