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Ptksai- POS is no longer just POS, and catering is no longer the previous catering.

by:PTKSAI     2020-02-13
With the advent of the Internet, the life around us has undergone earth-shaking changes. Mobile phones and mobile payments have become an indispensable part of our daily life. Even if we accidentally lose our wallet, we can live a perfect life. According to 'China Internet (Aiji, net worth, information) According to the report 'statistical survey on network development', as of 2016, the number of mobile phone payment users in China had reached 4. 6. 9 billion, more than 60% young people, the use of mobile phone payment from 57. 7% to 67. 5%, the more 45% mobile phone payments are used for daily consumption, and POS payment is mostly used as the docking object. With the increase of mobile phone users, the increase of fragmented payment and small payment scenarios, the replacement speed of traditional POS is also increasing rapidly, intelligent Cloud POS terminals that aggregate multiple payments and have multiple marketing and store management are rapidly changing to adapt to the wave of the times. Aggregation payment has become a big trend. POS machine evolution is imperative. You can go out without a wallet, but you can't take a mobile phone. This has obviously become a true portrayal of modern people's life. In recent years, with the high popularity of smart phones, mobile payment has become a common payment method for the public, especially young people. According to the quarterly monitoring report of China's third-party payment mobile payment market, third quarter of 2016, in third quarter of 2016, China's third-party payment mobile payment market reached 9041. 9 billion yuan, up from the previous month. 5%. China has become the global * mobile payment market. The emergence of mobile payment has made the fragmentation of payment scenarios the norm. Different payment applications and different payment data are linked to different users, except WeChat and Alipay, unionPay, Jingdong, Baidu and other companies are laying out mobile payments. With the opening of the central mother's policy on two-dimensional codes, more banks will also pay for fragmented scenes. It is reported that ICBC, CCB and other big banks have been in full swing. As an ancient payment tool, the traditional POS machine has been far from meeting the rapid development of the current commercial wave. Therefore, a new and intelligent POS machine came into being! When the mobile phone evolved from a functional machine to a smart machine, it brought earth-shaking changes to daily life. It can be said that it has subverted many people's reading, communication, shopping, travel, investment and other behaviors. When POS machine, as a key node in commercial transactions, evolved from a functional machine to an intelligent machine, can you imagine how much shock and change it will bring to business? The tide of change is surging, and the dangerous and organic intelligent POS industry should first realize aggregate payment on POS machines, which is the unique advantage of intelligent POS machines. No matter what payment method you are, it is not complete without credit card payment, and it cannot be called aggregate payment. What is the so-called aggregate payment? Aggregate payment, also called fusion payment, gathers a variety of popular payment methods on the market: bank card, flash payment, apple Pay, WeChat, Alipay, Baidu Wallet, etc, its appearance not only unifies various payments into one interface, but more importantly, it provides unified bookkeeping and unified reports under various payment channels for merchant stores, this advantage alone has made many store owners coveted. More importantly, it can present fragmented personal and merchant data to the boss in a clear, unified and viewable manner, and the business decision-making ability of small data is excavated. When the member system, ERP system, intelligent marketing, WeChat service and store system are all put into POS, POS is no longer a POS. Smartphones have already occupied most of the digital camera market share. Will the evolution of POS machines be the same as that of smartphones? Will it become a magic box in the store operation? We don't know yet, but the space of imagination is huge. Perhaps, for the traditional store system, the intelligent POS machine is a Pandora's box. It is understood that many businessmen with advanced consciousness have been digging deeply in the field of intelligent POS. After improving the aggregate payment function, we will fully exert our store management and provide more new marketing methods for store drainage. The intelligent POS in transformation helps solve the pain points in the catering industry and subverts the single function of traditional POS. In which industries does the intelligent POS in transformation play an obvious role? Of course, it is the catering industry with increasing small and fragmented payments. High-frequency small amount, multi-channel payment, strong willingness to touch the Internet, limited drainage ability of merchants, and consistent links for multiple take-out platforms. . . . . . Now you only need a smart POS to get it!
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