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Ptksai smart cash register is on the market, designed for the retail and catering industry-PTKSAI-im English

Ptksai smart cash register is on the market, designed for the retail and catering industry

by:PTKSAI     2020-01-17
Ptksai smart cash register is on the market, designed for retail and catering industry service highlights 1: free and flexible assembly, wide adaptability of scene application in Structural Assembly, industry friends and businessmen are just like the product design concept mentioned above. Products and environment coexist. This concept is fully reflected in D1 appearance design. Nowadays, various complex commercial application environments such as humidity, sultry, noisy, crowded, and tight working rhythm require that intelligent cash registers are mostly installed on the base of similar products. This method is relatively fixed, however, the ptksai cash register lacks flexibility, while D1 is more free and flexible in Assembly due to its flat-plate integrated design. The host supporting VESA standard can be flexibly installed on the base, wall and bracket, to adapt to different scenarios. The cash register is designed for retail Highlights 2: The appearance design and the environment coexist, the atmosphere is beautiful and the connotation design needs to be more adaptable to the environment. The cash register is specially designed for retail D1, which is a professional equipment built for restaurants or challenging venues. It has obvious advantages in this respect. D1 adopts streamlined integrated aluminum alloy base, which is not only strong and stable, but also beautiful and beautiful; The upper part of the base is designed with a hidden line port, equipped with a cable hole. The power cord and the letter cash register from the bottom of the screen are designed for the retail number line, line from the ceiling or countertop to keep the table clean and orderly. Highlight 3: support OS and CLOUD, improve productivity OS is a professional system tailored for partners, is a system based on Android deep customization and can support commercial hardware from the bottom. Its functions are mainly distribution and control, customization and integration, and more integration and unification of both content and data, making it convenient for partners to use it to build their own ecological circle. The CLOptksai cash register UD is a management tool tailored for partners, allowing developers to customize management equipment according to their own needs, and to focus more on serving end users. D1 cash register is designed for retail use with OS and CLOUD, which can greatly improve users' work efficiency and enhance service experience. With the emergence of near-field payment of NFC mobile phones such as ApplePay and SamsungPay, and the traditional payment methods such as bank card swiping and code scanning, C- end users have more and more options in payment methods. Xiao Bian recently learned from UnionPay business that UnionPay business has recently launched an intelligent POS terminal, which can fully take all payment methods and provide personalized solutions for merchants to operate intelligently. From the appearance point of view, this intelligent POS terminal is as big as a traditional POS, retaining the card slot and the card socket. From the function point of view, this smart POS terminal can support traditional magnetic stripe card swipe, IC card plug-in card and NFC Mobile Phone near-field payment, built-in two-dimensional code scanning gun on the back of the terminal, and can also support cash register to pay for all kinds of scanning codes on retail mobile phones. Data Management: including store information, area (Channel) Information, products, employee information, supplier information, etc; Commodity Management: refers to the number, bar code, color, category, unit price, discount rate and other information of the commodity; You can also set various price strategies through the back-office system, including price discounts, buy gifts, exchange, etc; Ptksai cash register store management: store inventory, out-of-stock inquiry, safety stock setting, etc; Franchisee (Customer) Management: franchisee collection, refund, order, receipt, reconciliation, business inquiry, credit limit and other data management; Data interaction: can interact with the data of the Enterprise Electronic Mall ptksai cash register
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