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Ptksai smart cash register is on the market for complex business scenarios

by:PTKSAI     2020-01-15
How about ptksai smart cash register? It has been officially launched for complex commercial scenarios. In recent years, with the rise of mobile payment and O2O, the traditional windows cash register cannot meet the current Internet-based business needs of customers due to its single function, no operating system, no openness and other defects. It is equipped with Android system and is suitable for various scenarios, the powerful internet intelligent cash register is increasingly favored by customers in retail, catering and other fields, and the demand is increasing. Ptksai intelligent cash register function as a ptksai focusing on the research and development of intelligent commercial hardware equipment, it is to capture the market demand of Android cash register and the pain points and confusion of customer selection, specially developed an Android smart cash register with high cost performance, large screen all-in-one machine and multi-application scenarios. Just near *, Xiao Bian learned from ptksai's official website that this * product has been officially launched and is on the market. Ptksai intelligent cash register is on the market. According to the relevant person in charge of ptksai, ptksai intelligent cash register is a * product developed by adhering to the design concept of coexistence of products and environment, this is the same as the design concept of other ptksai products. Although the interaction between intelligent commercial devices and users is more about their own UI interface and internal systems, ptksai believes that the essence of the product is to serve users, for this reason, any product of ptksai is based on whether humanistic care conforms to the humanized experience and is suitable for use in complex commercial scenarios. How about ptksai smart cash register on the market? As the saying goes: comparison will have comparison, and comparison will have choice. At present, there are many excellent Android cash registers on the market, all of which have their own characteristics. Below, Xiaobian will compare ptksai with similar products on the market to see what highlights ptksai has compared with similar products: in terms of operating system, ptksai and similar products on the market are intelligent cash register products with Android system, but most of them are equipped with Android 4. 4 System or 4. 2 system, while ptksai is equipped with Android 6 system, which is obviously superior in terms of security, stability, advancement, ease of use and expansibility. Ptksai intelligent cash register is on the market. In terms of touch screen, similar products of industry friends and merchants mostly use infrared screen or capacitive multi-touch screen, while ptksai uses 15. 6-inch G capacitive multi-point touch screen. This kind of touch screen is made of tempered GLASS and GLASS. The surface of the screen is very smooth, especially smooth to operate; Secondly, the touch screen is not only harder and more wear-resistant, but also corrosion-resistant. It can successfully resist the invasion of acid, alkali, oily and other substances, and can also defend against strong acid and alkali, this allows the cash register to be used in any place, especially for restaurants with a strong smell of oil and smoke. At the same time, the cover plate of G capacitive screen is bonded to the sensor glass, and advanced optical glue paste is used to combine and vacuum it. The service life and adhesion are very high, which increases the reliability of the cash register. The usage rate of ptksai intelligent cash register POS machine is getting higher and higher. It can be divided into various types according to different usage conditions, with different names and prices. POS machines can also be called cash registers and cash registers. Generally speaking, POS machines are machines and equipment used to collect money. However, according to different purposes, the sales terminal POS machine is an intelligent multi-functional product, it can realize the function of electronic automatic transfer, and secondly it also has the functions of consumption, balance inquiry and transfer. It has a high utilization rate in the market and has gradually won the favor and recognition of friends. The intelligent cash register is on the market. The intelligent POS machine is an upgraded version of the ordinary POS machine. It realizes fast transfer, collection and balance inquiry and even has certain management for funds, effectively helping people to manage funds correctly and reasonably, it is safe and fast to use, and it is also a relatively reliable product. Different flash POS machines have different functional characteristics. Consumer POS machines have the functions of consumption and inquiry, in general, it is used for consumption by bank cards accepted by special merchants. The transfer POS machine is used for financial transfer and transfer between bank cards and bank cards. It is mainly used in financial departments. POS machine power supply operation and digital management through a comprehensive and effective combination to perform multi-task software.
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