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Ptksai smart cashier all-in-one machine was born to save the store's decline!

by:PTKSAI     2020-01-18
Introduction: With the leapfrog development of the Internet, real business is facing unprecedented challenges. In the face of the impact of e-commerce, many physical stores were forced to close! In the face of such reality, how can offline physical stores break through historical limitations and continue their glory? Text: On the one hand, the disadvantages of traditional cash register are obvious. On the other hand, with the strong development of mobile payment, intelligent cash register has taken advantage of the trend. For businesses, customers paying in the store is no longer a simple one-time action, it is the starting point for him to provide services and the beginning of the next business. What is smart cash register? The essence of all businesses is based on payment, connecting people and goods &Service. Compared with the traditional monotonous cash register, intelligent cash register is pioneering and innovative in business and products, integrating business management, Internet of Things, big data, marketing management, all-channel payment, etc, it is a major innovation in intelligent cash register, providing diversified marketing services for businesses and widely used in O2O enterprises, payment companies, restaurants, supermarkets, department stores, clothing, logistics and other industries. What pain points can solve the traditional cashier? 1. Cater to the changed consumer behavior and provide convenience to customers and bosses in the store! The characteristic of smart cash register * is aggregate payment: this can satisfy the different payment habits of customers in the store for merchants, so that consumers do not worry about not going out with cash, no longer can not use Alipay, no longer waiting in long lines to pay! At the same time, the aggregation payment cashier supports a variety of terminals to complete the cashier operation, such as PC, mobile terminal, intelligent terminal, POS machine, etc. , the function is powerful! At the store's own level, there is also a great convenience. No matter which payment channel your customers use, they can use aggregate payment statements and statistics as long as they access through aggregate payment. Realize comprehensive aggregation of collection, settlement and data statistics. Therefore, various payment channels and online payment forms not only help businesses cover more customer groups, but also improve customers' cash register experience and speed up cash register work efficiency. 2. Multi-cashier management, efficient efficiency can support a store, multi-cashier wireless fast collection, solve the queuing and congestion caused by more passenger flow. Multi-cashier configuration and detailed permission allocation not only make the cashier work more convenient, but also improve the cashier efficiency of the store; At the same time, it is also conducive to ensuring the security of cash register funds. 3. Multi-terminal adaptation, easy cash register can be adapted to multiple terminals, such as computers, tablets, mobile phones, etc. Any cash register device or handheld terminal can be easily controlled, making it easy for businesses to manage and carry out cash register work anytime and anywhere. Cash register and mobile phone APP not support IOS system. The cashier can complete the collection, refund, write-off, and view the running water on the mobile phone. Fast and convenient, making the cash register lighter and more mobile. 4. With powerful data statistics and analysis, the store operation status is clear at a glance. Compared with e-commerce, the traditional physical retail industry lacks a converged data and management platform and cannot be like Internet e-commerce, analyze the actual needs of the target customer group in breadth and depth. However, smart cash register has powerful data statistics and analysis functions. Through detailed and intuitive charts, the merchants are shown the flow of funds in the store, as well as the amount of collection, channels and methods at any time, so that the merchants can clearly grasp the financial situation. In addition, the cash register system can also make statistics and analysis on cash register channels so that businesses can know at a glance which channel usage rate *. 5. Member management keeps accurate statistics and analysis of customer random reduction, member consumption records, consumption habits, points card coupons and other data. It can greatly enhance customer stickiness, promote customers' repeated consumption, improve brand loyalty and realize profit growth. Summary: The model of the physical store is not exhausted. For the transformed entities, SMEs and merchants, the intelligent cash register all-in-one machine can help physical store owners start from various dimensions such as improving store management, member marketing management and supply chain relationship management, and is driven by a technology platform, open up online and offline, O2O, logistics, capital flow and data flow, bringing new development opportunities to physical retail stores!
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