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Ptksai smart re-shaping 'smart retail' POS is no longer just a cash register

by:PTKSAI     2020-01-12
All products are nothing more than two directions, one is big integration and the other is specialization. Big integration means that all functions are combined together, and a single product can meet the diversified needs of users; Specialization refers to the further improvement of the function or performance of a certain aspect of the product to help special users meet their professional needs. Among consumer electronic products, smart phones that are familiar to everyone are a big integration, while mobile phones for the elderly or children are specialized products. In the POS or cash register industry, the specificity of traditional POS acquiring equipment has been gradually introduced, and the aggregate payment demand and Internet trend of store management will become more significant in the next three years, merchants need a comprehensive all-in-one machine to meet the comprehensive needs of cash register terminals, purchase, sale and deposit management, member management, etc. Intelligent POS was born. In 2016, the concepts of artificial intelligence, big data, cloud services, internet of things and so on are very hot. Those who have a commercial sense of smell have already smelled that the capital market has begun to look forward to intelligent POS, coincidentally, a data recently released by the central bank * shows that the traditional POS even experienced negative growth in 2016, which also shows that the traditional POS market has ushered in a bottle neck period, it can even be said that the traditional bank card acquiring market has ushered in a historical turning point. Traditional POS has congenital deficiencies. With the explosive growth of mobile Internet and the diversified requirements of merchants, its closed, single service, poor interaction, upgrade troubles and other problems are even more serious. In contrast to the advantages of intelligent POS, intelligent POS has excellent commercial expansion type: 1. In addition to the functions of traditional cash register, such as cash register, Printing receipt, code scanning, etc. , intelligent POS also provides: integrated payment solution: support a variety of collection methods, including cash, credit card, scan code payment (WeChat/Alipay), Third-party account payment, etc. Member management (CRM) Functions: including membership card, various voucher management, member maintenance and other functions. Marketing Management: advertising, flyers, promotional activities manage various convenience services: including mobile phone recharge, credit card repayment, bus card recharge, etc. 2. SAAS service for small and medium-sized enterprises in the intelligent POS cloud. The open platform is aimed at the basic services for small and medium-sized enterprises to open stores. Through SAAS service in the intelligent POS cloud, small and medium-sized enterprises can be helped to open stores quickly. Including: a, purchase, sale and deposit B, accounting/online tax declaration c, member management (CRM) D, public comment, group purchase coupon e for group purchase websites such as Meituan, mobile Internet e-commerce platform and marketing service platform f, software applications such as APP and store selectively built in by terminal merchants 3, based on intelligence POS big data service a, to the C side: after having the member information, you can dig out the user's preferences and make personalized recommendation B according to the so-called scene. For B Side: with the merchant transaction data, can do credit, credit, factoring and other business currently more common industry applications include: Payment Industry Applications: Credit card, NFC, scan code, fingerprint, brush face and other small and micro merchant applications: cash register, bank card payment, purchase, sale and deposit management, verification of group purchase vouchers, take-out orders, business analysis, financial statements, self-help marketing, etc. Chain store application: Cashier, bank card payment, invoicing management, order management, member management, group purchase coupon verification, take-out order, business analysis, financial statements, self-service marketing, etc. Tobacco Store application: Cashier, bank card payment, ordering, invoicing management, etc. Hotel self-service check-in: self-service reservation (Mobile APP) , Self-service check-in, self-service checkout and other convenient services: payment, recharge, financial management, electronic mall, ticketing purchasing, public donations and other bank business hall self-service terminals: personal financial business, financial products, intermediary business, advertising, etc. At present, the appearance of intelligent cash registers in the market is mainly handheld intelligent POS devices, and there are still a large number of commercial machines and PAD products developing towards intelligent all-in-one machines. Ptksai intelligent cash register scale adopts the unique idea of combining cash register with electronic scale. Based on RK3288 scheme 2 8G, WIFI and 4G are supported. Of course, I never think that the existing form of intelligent POS is * the ultimate form. In the future development process, there will be more high-tech technology introduction and more mobile Internet application requirements introduction, the development of intelligent cash registers has a long way to go.
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