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Ptksai technology: Coffee shop dual touch screen Android POS cash register application solution-PTKS English

Ptksai technology: Coffee shop dual touch screen Android POS cash register application solution

by:PTKSAI     2020-01-18
Industry background with the development of economy and the mutual penetration of Chinese and Western cultures, coffee, as a leisure drink, is more and more popular with people. Since 2014, cafes have mushroomed and coffee drinks have gradually become a mainstream. Recently, the editor visited several cafes and learned that with the improvement of people's living standards and the proliferation of young people's petty bourgeoisie, more and more people have poured into the cafes to line up a long line, this makes the original static coffee culture slightly noisy, but also makes the coffee shop cash register unable to withstand high-intensity operations, prone to frequent failures caused by black screens, card machines, heating and other hardware. In addition, in the Internet era, mobile payment has ushered in a spurt of development and has extended to all aspects of people's food and clothing with a strong attitude. People's payment habits have also changed accordingly, the traditional cash register in coffee shops can no longer provide consumers with a full range of payment methods. The user needs a domestic coffee shop with special characteristics. The daily traffic is undoubtedly very huge. For the high-intensity work of the cash register, the ordinary cash register on the market is unbearable, it also causes frequent failures caused by hardware. In addition, under the influence of the Internet thinking mode, domestic mainstream chain coffee brands are expanding online marketing channels in different ways to enhance their core competitiveness. Behind the mellow cafes, the market battle has entered a white-hot stage. To this end, the coffee shop hopes to pass a new set of information management solutions, while ensuring efficient cash register and expanding business channels, but also ensuring a comfortable leisure environment for the store. Solution for the coffee shop cashier management requirements and unique business environment, yuanjingda Technology launched a new information cashier management solution. The scheme relies on innovative integration technology and advanced modern management concepts to create a business model suitable for medium and high-end chain coffee shops. This mode consists of Android dual touch screen POS machine, wireless local area network and supporting professional software. Its functions are as follows: 1. Powerful touch platform Android dual touch screen POS machine, adopting the current * Android operating system, it runs stably and has strong compatibility; The Chimei capacitive touch screen is adopted, which has the characteristics of high precision, fast speed, long service life, waterproof, oil-proof and dust-proof, and provides a powerful touch platform for POS cash register equipment; 2, dual touch screen synchronization operation Android dual touch screen POS machine, not only can efficiently complete in addition to cashier Management, Promotion Management, Headquarters system management, member management and other functions, the proper use of the dual-screen display function of the cash register also plays a big role in the operation of the store. The sub-screen of the double-screen cash register can not only be used to display the store's promotional pictures, but also facilitate customers to see the amount/product name/quantity/total amount of their purchased items. In addition, when the customer orders, the product picture displays the corresponding product picture, and these functions can be set through the sub-screen display function; 3. Multi-channel access is easily integrated into the offline through the combination of Android dual touch screen POS machine and supporting cash register software to build an information management platform, it meets the needs of offline merchants in basic payment, invoicing management, marketing promotion, etc. , while fully accessing mobile payment and online marketing platform (WeChat, Alipay, Meituan, Baidu Takeout, etc) To achieve full channel marketing for chain coffee enterprises; 4. Create a living space. The program provides efficient cashier management services for stores through the perfect combination of soft and hard, while speeding up customer flow, help the coffee shop to create a relaxed, comfortable and pleasant living space for customers. User income 1. Improve management efficiency: Through this system, the inventory and all sales data of each coffee store can be viewed in real time, providing timely and accurate data support for the production and management decisions of the enterprise, greatly improve the operation and decision-making efficiency of chain coffee stores; 2. Expand business channels: combine Android dual touch screen POS machine with supporting cash register software to fully graft mobile payment and online marketing platform (WeChat, Alipay, Meituan, etc)To achieve seamless integration of enterprise O2O; 3, enhance the consumer experience: access to a variety of channels, in a way that young people * love, easy to integrate offline, enhance the shopping experience. Recommended products are suitable for Android dual touch screen POS machine of this system: Android dual touch screen POS cash register product features Android dual touch screen POS cash register is a high-performance, low-power cloud POS terminal application. With its fashionable and exquisite appearance design and stable function, it provides more choices for merchants in the middle and high-end industries. Its characteristics are as follows: 1. Double touch capacitive screen has high resolution, comfortable hand feeling and fast and accurate positioning. It not only brings a brand-new touch experience to the cashier, but also makes the multimedia advertising of the sub-screen more innovative and provides customers with a more personalized shopping experience; 2, using Android operating system, stable operation, compatible with various commercial software; Comes with a variety of peripheral interfaces to integrate peripheral common devices ( Customer display, printer equipment, Cash Box, scanning equipment, etc); 3. In addition to meeting the cash register management needs of retail stores, it can access a variety of mobile payment methods and online O2O marketing platforms, providing a new direction for retail merchants to develop online and offline.
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