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Ptksai technology: how to judge the quality of intelligent POS cash register?

by:PTKSAI     2020-01-23
With the rapid development of science and technology, there are countless intelligent POS cash register manufacturers in the market, and the styles are endless. Faced with so many intelligent POS cash registers, how do we choose an intelligent POS cash register that suits us and is of good quality? The following small editor will tell you several key points to judge the quality of intelligent POS cash register. 1. The style of the smart POS cash register should not only consider the beauty, but also the manufacturers of the smart POS cash register will consider a heat dissipation function. Of course, it is not to say that the back of the smart POS cash register can be filled with several heat dissipation holes. The bottom of the smart POS cash register is made of aluminum alloy and has a heat dissipation function. If the internal heat dissipation of the intelligent POS cash register is not good, it is easy to cause the hardware to burn out. If the cooling holes are too large, it is easy to accumulate more dust, and the harm to the intelligent POS cash register cannot be underestimated. 2. Software intelligent POS cash register software is also emerging one after another, divided into cracked version and official version. The common problem with the cracked version is that the software is unstable and easy to crash, the function is incomplete, only suitable for single store, no cloud storage, no after-sales, etc. The official version of the intelligent POS cash register software is more powerful, and most mainstream cash register functions are supported. 3. Hardware configuration we all know that the intelligent POS cash register is the same as a computer, but the style is different. The intelligent POS cash register integrates the display screen with hardware. The computer * is an important configuration, so the intelligent POS cash register is also a truth. Low configuration will affect the cashier's daily operation of the intelligent POS cash register. Of course, the new and old level of hardware will also greatly affect the quality of intelligent POS cash registers. Therefore, when purchasing an intelligent POS cash register, it is necessary to know the company size and qualification of this intelligent POS cash register manufacturer, and the powerful intelligent POS cash register brand will have better protection. How to judge the quality of the smart POS cash register is shared here today. Whether it is mobile payment, scan code payment, card payment or cash payment, the smart POS cash register can be satisfied, the limitations of refusing to pay, multiple payment methods are free to choose, and the customer experience is enhanced. 1. Product quality. It can be distinguished by its appearance, hardware, components and other aspects. Such as baking varnish, host, touch screen, LCD screen, host, cabinet, audio equipment, power supply equipment, etc. 2, the certification is complete. As we all know, the production of a manufacturer and a product requires relevant qualification certification. When choosing a touch screen all-in-one manufacturer, you can mainly see if it has 3C certification, ISO9001 certification, CE certification, FCC certification, ROHS certification, etc. 3. Touch software. For example, commercial display software can add a boost to enterprise product marketing, while teaching conference software can improve the efficiency of education and teaching, realize multimedia teaching, and display query information conveniently, quickly and quickly. 4, independent research and development strength. Independent research and development strength is also an aspect that should be considered when selecting manufacturers of touch screen all-in-one machines. Because of the continuous development of the times and the rapid update of its electronic products, touch screen all-in-one manufacturers with independent research and development strength can go better and further on this road. 5, the strength of the manufacturer. Strength is an aspect that must be considered when selecting a touch screen all-in-one manufacturer, and the strength of a manufacturer, generally, it can be done through financial resources, production capacity, technical level, management level, sales capacity, real cases in the website, whether there is intellectual property rights, whether there is stable quality, whether there is reliable after-sales service, etc. make a judgment. 6. Ensure after-sales and maintenance. The touch screen all-in-one machine is used very frequently in daily life, especially in places with large traffic such as railway stations. There will certainly be many problems over time, so we must pay attention to the warranty regulations, but the relative cost will also increase. In addition to the above points, we can also learn about the brand of these touch-one machines from the Internet, and learn more about the touch-one machine from online evaluation, service attitude or field survey, if you have enough knowledge, you can know whether the touch all-in-one machine produced by the touch all-in-one machine manufacturer is trustworthy.
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