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Ptksai technology: intelligent registration of visitor

by:PTKSAI     2020-01-20
Related words: the number of modern residential areas and buildings is increasing, with more and more people entering and leaving every day, if you manually register and collect the Visitor Information List, a guard is definitely too busy. If you increase the number of guards, you will increase the labor cost. When you encounter holidays, there are fewer visitors, the number of guards may not need so much, but if the enterprise managers need to pay wages. This not only costs more money, but also many guards can't get rid of the disadvantages of manual registration. The registration speed is slow and the error rate is high. In case of an emergency, the failure to find relevant personnel will not only bring inconvenience to visitors, but also have a bad impact on residential and office users. Disadvantages of visitor registration in view of this situation, it is recommended to use the huasifen certificate-in-one visitor system. Visitors only need to register ID card information and can also identify the authenticity of ID card. If the ID card is incorrectly identified, an error message will appear on the indicator light. If the certificate is really registered quickly in one second, the face will be recognized by taking photos on the spot, and the identity of the visitor will be verified by portrait comparison to prevent theft and fraudulent use of other people's ID cards, face recognition 1 to 1 verification, the accuracy rate is as high as 98%, such as forgetting to bring a certificate can also manually enter the certificate information, contact information, etc. The ID card reading interface of the person-card-in-one visitor machine the person-in-card-in-one intelligent visitor system the person-in-card-in-one visitor machine features Android intelligent visitor machine, based on Android intelligent terminals specially customized for the field of visitor registration, it integrates the functions of visitor registration system, printer and tablet computer, and makes full use of bar code technology and wireless communication technology to integrate security, simplicity and technology, therefore, the tablet computer can conveniently and quickly carry out short-range wireless communication connection and realize the functions of real-time data exchange and service. The characteristics of the witness-in-one visitor: ◆ ultra-high-definition display, high-definition, anti-scratch, anti-drop, explosion-proof ◆ long standby, long-lasting endurance ◆ high-touch screen, waterproof design, don't worry about the splash of the screen ◆ desktop visitor, easy to place, the bottom of the camera has a super suction cup, the station can not be inverted, the appearance of the visitor is exquisite, the whole machine is injection molded, the appearance is exquisite and generous; Convenient maintenance, streamlined design of the whole machine, ergonomic principle, humanized operation interface, reasonable structure and easy maintenance; With comprehensive functions, the whole machine has built-in dual-second-generation ID cards, high-definition digital automatic control cameras, thermal printers, etc. to facilitate the statistics and inquiry of visitor registration and visitor arrivals, hua sifu visitor has been widely used in residential areas, buildings, government and enterprise scenarios to protect the safety of residential buildings!
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