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Ptksai technology joins hands with visitor to build smart city

by:PTKSAI     2020-01-15
Since 2008, governments at all levels, from the central government to the local government, have been pushing forward the construction of smart cities. What is a smart city, as its name implies, is a city that can have the function of thinking, is more flexible and more convenient for people to live and live in. Compared with traditional cities, smart cities are mainly composed of 'data collection, storage, analysis' and other links, and make full use of new technologies and their inspiration, the system, operation and service have been transformed and upgraded. The coverage of smart cities is very wide. Food, clothing, housing, transportation and entertainment are all included in the construction of smart cities. Ptksai technology joins hands with visitor to build smart city  To build a smart city, the engine of artificial intelligence is indispensable. Artificial intelligence is also called '21st century electricity '--Provide power for everything. Therefore, the country has continuously increased its support for emerging industries such as artificial intelligence, and issued a series of policies to actively promote its innovation and development. From the National Science and technology innovation plan for the 13th Five-Year Plan to the three-year action plan for 'Internet' artificial intelligence, then, the 'new generation of artificial intelligence development plan' is constantly proposing research and development and supporting the development of artificial intelligence industry, and promoting the innovation of intelligent products in key areas. The future of artificial intelligence and the development of cities are coordinated and complementary. Ptksai technology joins hands with visitor to build smart city  So with the development of artificial intelligence, how can Artificial Intelligence be applied in the construction of smart cities and what role does it play?     In building a smart city, the role of artificial intelligence in the transportation field cannot be underestimated. At present, with the continuous acceleration of urbanization, more and more young people begin to pour into cities, bringing great pressure to urban transportation. In traditional urban roads, cars, goods and people flow according to their own wishes and do not know anything about other roads, which can easily lead to traffic jams and accidents.     Now using artificial intelligence technology, real-time monitoring and analysis of roads can be carried out, and instructions can be given to evacuate traffic, relieve traffic pressure and improve people's operation efficiency. At present, intelligent traffic lights have also been developed and applied. Traditional traffic lights have a fixed conversion time and cannot adjust the conversion time in real time according to the flow of people, which is inefficient. Now the intelligent traffic light can adjust the time in real time according to the flow of people, speed up the traffic and make people's life more convenient. Ptksai technology joins hands with visitor to build smart city  Artificial intelligence can empower the security field and protect your security. With the development of technology, security is developing from traditional passive defense to active judgment and early warning. In the past, when faced with monitoring data, it could only rely on manual screening and analysis, which was not only slow but also easy to make mistakes. Now the emergence of artificial intelligence can replace manual real-time analysis of video content, detection of abnormal information, and risk prediction. Ptksai technology joins hands with visitor to build smart city  Not only that, in terms of home security, the first domestic artificial intelligence door opening method has been applied in Nanjing, and the owner only needs to say 'I'm back' at the door ', the door is opened intelligently in a second as if it were the owner. Such a safe and quick method may not even dare to think about it before, but now it has become a reality.     In the medical industry, more and more artificial intelligence products have entered the medical field and become good helpers for auxiliary doctors. In the past, using robots for surgery made people feel Arabian Nights. But now more and more surgical robots are appearing in operating rooms to relieve patients' pain. Compared with ordinary doctors, robots can perform operations more accurately and can perform operations that human doctors cannot do in their whole lives.     Moreover, through artificial intelligence technology, telemedicine is no longer a dream. People don't need to run around to see a doctor. Through video, patients and doctors can conduct on-site consultation and even remote surgery with the help of machines. To a large extent, this can solve the problem of difficult medical treatment, improve efficiency and reduce the burden on patients.     With the development of technology, artificial intelligence will become more and more perfect and be applied in more scenes. I believe that in the future, every corner of the Smart City can see its trace.
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