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Ptksai technology: the difference between the three touch screen integrated machines

by:PTKSAI     2020-01-20
The touch screen all-in-one machine is mainly composed of LCD screen, touch screen and computer host; It integrates various functions such as computer, TV, touch screen, audio, multimedia, Internet, etc. , and because it brings unique human-computer interactive touch function, it does not need traditional mouse and keyboard, the user can directly use the finger to touch the screen to complete the operation. Although there are many kinds of touch screen technologies at present, not every one is suitable for touch all-in-one machines. At present, the touch all-in-one machines on the market can be roughly divided into three types according to the different touch screen technologies applied: resistive touch screen all-in-one machines, capacitive touch screen all-in-one machines and infrared touch screen all-in-one machines. Next, let's look at the difference between these three different touch screens. Resistance touch screen inquiry all-in-one machine: The Resistance touch screen inquiry all-in-one machine screen and control system are relatively cheap, the reaction sensitivity is also very good, the working environment is completely isolated from the outside world, and it is not afraid of dust and water vapor, can adapt to a variety of harsh environments. It can be touched by any object and has good stability. The resistive touch screen requires a certain pressure, which is easy to cause wear of surface materials for a long time, affecting the normal service life of the product and low price. Capacitive touch screen query all-in-one machine: the structure of the capacitive touch screen query all-in-one machine is mainly to coat a transparent film layer on the glass screen, and then add a protective glass outside the conductor layer, the double glass design can completely protect the conductor layer and the inductor. This layer of glass is obviously not conductive. DC conduction is not good. Use high-frequency AC signals, relying on people's fingers (Through thin glass) The coupling capacitor formed with the working face absorbs an AC current, which is the origin of the name of the capacitor screen capacitor: it is unstable to work by coupling capacitor. The way of coupling capacitance is directly affected by temperature, humidity, finger wetness, body weight and ground dryness, and is also greatly interfered by large-area objects from the outside world, bringing unstable results. Expensive in large size! Infrared touch screen inquiry integrated machine: it is suitable for various common environments, with a wide range of temperature and humidity, and has strong adaptability to various climates and user qualities. Not afraid of dust (Even a small amount of fine sand), Liquid (Non-corrosive)The temperature of most natural environments ( * Up to minus 30 degrees Celsius, * 70 degrees Celsius above zero), Rain and snow, etc; The infrared touch screen inquiry all-in-one machine cannot be used under strong light, but the overall evaluation is cost-effective and widely used in large sizes. At present, most of the touch screen all-in-one products on the market are based on infrared touch screen technology, because it is a mature and perfect touch technology so far, and can be applied to all touch screen all-in-one machines in small size or large size, the capacitive screen can only be applied to small sizes. Among the many manufacturers in the market, Guangzhou touch electronics is a well-known brand manufacturer in China, because the domestic * large-size touch all-in-one machine was born in the touch, moreover, for many years, touch has been focusing on the research and development and production of touch all-in-one machines, and is committed to providing customers with touch all-in-one products of industry quality.
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