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Ptksai Technology: What are the problems that need to be paid attention to in the purchase of superm English

Ptksai Technology: What are the problems that need to be paid attention to in the purchase of supermarket cash registers?

by:PTKSAI     2020-01-24
With the improvement of people's living standards, shopping is becoming more and more convenient. Foreign retail industry has seized the Chinese market. The world's major supermarkets include: Metro, Carrefour, Trust-Mart and other department stores and commercial squares, B & Q B & Q, Lotus Shopping Center, Wal-Mart, Ikea, Pacific group, etc. China's local supermarkets are: Bailian (Group) Beijing Gome, Dalian Dashang Group, Suning Appliance, Hualian Group, Yongle appliance, agriculture, industry and commerce, Beijing WuMart investment . . . . . . Cash register benefits: If you open a shop, there is no computerized management, it is difficult to manage without computer cash register. From the merchant purchase, store retail, everything manually increases the manual workload. How to choose the cash register please pay attention to the following points: 1. The brand of the cash register brand is really one of the preferred problems for the shop owner, so the real flat card must be? Ptksai has always been on the mid-range route, and the cash register looks simple and stylish. There are still many such cash register brands on the market, so in addition to watching the flat card before buying, it should be the focus of the three. 2, cash register price computer cash register according to the configuration, the price is also different, such as whether there is a scanning instrument. Whether there is a genuine cash register system, generally ranging from left to right. 3, supermarket system * easy to operate cash register, must be used quickly, quick start, otherwise it is too cumbersome, it is better to spend too much energy. All cash register systems must be simple and convenient to operate. 4, the cash register color selection White cash register, black cash register. Under normal circumstances, the use of white cash registers is relatively high and popular. In the high-end shop, the black POS machine is more noble and atmospheric. The author thinks that the white supermarket POS machine is more resistant to dirt. 5, recruitment supermarket cashier position if the store is relatively large, the hired cashier must have a computer Foundation, can increase the commodity information, can be independent cash register, express delivery. According to the actual situation, recruitment is required: Marketing Manager, Marketing Department promotion specialist, shopping guide, salesperson, cashier, reserve computer input clerk, delivery clerk and tally clerk. 6. Cash Register Quality supermarket, 24-hour convenience store and grocery store have long business hours and high frequency. The stability and reliability of POS system are related to the normal operation of the store. When selecting a supplier, the merchant's perfect service system must be considered. When the machine crashes, it can respond quickly and deal with after-sales problems in a timely manner. 7. How to use the cash register according to the operating instructions of the cash register, how to learn to operate the POS machine as soon as possible is recommended as follows: 1)Please supplier technicians (Master) Technical training in the sale, and provide operating instructions, in the process of teaching the master to take notes. 2)Whether there is an operation video. 3) Practice more frequently. It is generally recommended that the cashier start to simulate the cash register before the store opens, and solve any problems encountered in the cash register process. Then there will be no problem in the official cash register. There are still many details in the cash register purchase process, if not mentioned above. Ptksai technology company will help you recommend a cheap and easy-to-use supermarket POS machine from your point of view.
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